Yamaha EMF Electric Scooter Launch In India(2023)-chack Price & Specification

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Yamaha has unveiled their new electric scooter EMF in Taiwan. The scooter will be launched in Taiwan in March 2022, according to an official press note released by the company.

The brand new Yamaha EMF electric scooter is Yamaha’s second electric scooter after the EC-05, which was first unveiled worldwide in 2019. The Yamaha EMF electric scooter will soon be sold in the Taiwanese market As the demand for electric vehicles grows, bigger and bigger players are coming up with their latest battery powered offers. The latest to join the league is Yamaha’s EMF electric scooter, which is on sale in the Taiwanese market.

The Yamaha EMF Electric Scooter

Yamaha EMF Electric Scooter
Yamaha EMF Electric Scooter

Yamaha EMF has launched an electric scooter in partnership with Yamaha Gogoro. EC-05 is the second electric vehicle by the manufacturers since it was established in 2019 Yamaha, however, has partnered with Hero MotoCorp and Gogoro to build electric cars.
The manufacturers’ partnership with Gogoro offers, among other things, a well-established network of battery swapping stations and an advanced battery architecture.

Top Speed100 Km/h (Expected)
Motor10.30 Hp Of The Maximum Power @3000 Rpm
26 Nm Of Maximum Torque @2500 Rpm
Suspension SystemVertical Front Forks
Dual Rear Shocks
Braking Functions200mm Disc Up Front
190mm Disc Up At Rear
Accelerate0 to 50 km/h (in 3.5 seconds)
Braking SystemCBS

Yamaha Electric Scooter Design :

2022 Yamaha EMF Taiwan 015 min
Yamaha Electric Scooter Design :

The new Yamaha EMF sits in a steel tube frame and features an apron-mounted LED spotlight, arrow-shaped mirror, a one-piece seat and a cup holder. The scooter packs a digital LED dashboard, an NFC-enabled smart key and mounts on a 10-inch alloy wheel. Its seat height is 785 mm, weight is 114 kg and it is available in light blue, dark black and dark green.

A Yamaha EMF 10hp electric powertrain is powered by a 7.6kW mid-motor with a replaceable battery. The configuration provides a combined power of 10.1 hp / 26 Nm and allows the car to accelerate from 0-50 km / h in just 3.5 seconds. Lineup statistics have not yet been released.

Yamaha EMF Electric Scooter Specifications :

xyamaha emf electric scooter instrument cluster 1642863769.jpg.pagespeed.ic .dj3V6KXoyn min
Yamaha EMF Electric Scooter

The Yamaha EMF is powered by an electric motor, which comes with a maximum output of 10.30 PS and 26Nm of peak torque. According to the company, EMF can reach from 0-50kmph in 3.5 seconds.

Yamaha has not yet announced the maximum speed of the scooter, but it could be around 100 km / h. The range is not a problem in Taiwan, as the scooter will rely on Gogoro’s extensive battery replacement network. It is estimated that about 97% of Taiwanese electric two-wheelers use Gogoro’s battery replacement.

Whenever the battery runs low, new Yamaha EMF users can go to the nearest swap station to get a fully charged battery. The overall experience is the same as buying petrol or diesel at a gas station.

The Yamaha EMF has a lightweight frame with high torsional rigidity. It was designed for advanced control and management. The suspension system has vertical front forks and dual rear shocks. The braking function is driven by a 200mm disc at the front and a 190mm disc at the front. The scooter has CBS for effective braking.

Yamaha EMF Electric Scooter Pricing :

In Taiwan, the Yamaha EMF Electric Scooter Electric Scooter is to be had at a beginning fee of NT $ 102,800. This is ready Rs 2.seventy seven lakh. It isn’t always clean whilst the Yamaha EMF could be released withinside the Indian market. Here, the primary Yamaha electric powered automobile will probable be the E01 electric powered scooter. This has been visible in current street tests. Yamaha has already registered E-01 and EC-05 names for the Indian market.


1.When will the Yamaha EMF electric scooter launch ?

The scooter will be launched in Taiwan in March 2022.

2. Top Speed Yamaha EMF electric scooter ?

The top speed of Yamaha EMF Electric Scooter 100 km/h (Expected)

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