Volvo EX90 Electric SUV unveiled globally in 2024 

Volvo has unveiled the new Volvo EX90 electric SUV.

 The Volvo EX90 is a seven-seater family SUV that will slot above offering an all-electric alternative to the XC90 SUV.

Volvo's flagship electric SUV has a 111kWh battery pack that is good for 600km (according to WLTP) per charge.

On the outside, the Volvo EX90 is a sleek, aerodynamic EV that looks completely different from the XC90.

Its 14.5-inch vertically-oriented central display is the star attraction with built-in Google Play for various Android-powered services and apps.

The EX90 has the familiar silhouette of a raised estate car with 22-inch aerodynamic wheels and flush door handles.

 The rear still has the Volvo-style taillamp elements that go up to the roof along with the rear windscreen.

 Another way of looking at it is that it can regain 180 km worth of range in 10 minutes at maximum charge capacity.

The battery can support fast charging of up to 250kW, which takes it from 10 to 80 percent in just half an hour.

The new Volvo EX90 SUV is a seven-seat luxury family-mover with a starting price under $80,000. Learn more about the Volvo EX90 SUV.