GMC Canyon Teaser Declares Nowhere pickup truck segment unveiled 2023

The 2023 GMC Canyon will introduce a brand-new 

We're on the cusp of an all-new GMC Canyon. The mid-size pickup truck debuts later this week, and apparently,

The GMC Canyon 2023 will be buit on an improved version of general motores' current Gmt - 31xx body on this car

General Motors Canyon will officially plans on debuting its next-generation midsize trucks for the 2023 model year

The display shows Apple CarPlay in-use, with Google Maps providing navigation on the right-side of the display.

The 2023 GMC Canyon will be available in capable of adventuring well tow wheel and four wheel drive configurations.

Along with the body modifications, GM hs replaced  the blocky headlights with more minor LED Lighting charactistics.

The all-new GMC Canyon towing capability will be a best in class 7,700 Pounds, With a bed capacity of 1,580 pounds.

The  2023 GMC Canyon AT4X vehicle will produce 310 horspower at 5600 rpm and 348 pound- feet torque at 1500 rpm. 

The all-new GMC Canyon pickup truck base trim startig price $29,000, with the highet price AT4X coming at $ 45,000.

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