Delorean previews new electric variant Delorean Alpha5

Delorean previews new electric variant Delorean Alpha5

DeLorean just revealed its new all-electric Alpha5 concept car

DeLorean Motor Company the released new specifications and images of its new electric concept car: the Alpha5.

The company’s mum on specifics, but it is aiming for at least 300 miles of driving range courtesy of a battery pack with a more than 100-kWh capacity.

 the instrument panel, the other an infotainment system that appears to rise up from the center console and onto the dashboard.

While it has only two doors, the openings seem wide enough to make entering and exiting the rear seats an easy feat.

ith the concept’s canopy seemingly mimicking the basic style of an airplane fuselage, getting narrower as it goes from the A-pillars toward the rear end.

Red and silver paint options are a move away from the original stainless steel look (an exterior that was basically co-opted by Tesla's Cybertruck).

The new model also makes room for two rear seats, doubling the capacity.It’s a detail that also affords this new DeLorean

DeLorean, the brand known for the iconic DMC-12 of "Back to the Future" fame, is staging a comeback with an all-new electric concept car.

More about know Dubbed  Alpha5 new model seats four and features gull-wing doors.