Ultraviolette F77 electric bike launched in India 2023

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Bengaluru-based EV startup UltraViolet launched the much-awaited Ultraviolette F77 electric motorcycle in India on Thursday, more than three years after it was first unveiled.

This comes after a series of delays in launch due to the pandemic. The company has finally taken the wraps off its product and has announced its pricing as well as availability.

Ultraviolette F77 :

The Ultraviolette F77 is locally designed and engineered, and the bike will be introduced in a phased manner, starting with Bengaluru. The company also plans to launch its e-bikes in the US and Europe markets in the years to come.

The Bengaluru-based Ultraviolette says the deliveries will begin in a phased manner. In January, deliveries for customers in Bengaluru will begin, followed by Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, and Cochin in Q2, then Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Delhi, and Lucknow in Q3, and Gurgaon, Jaipur, Kolkata, Guwahati, Ludhiana in Q4.

Without much ado let’s have a quick glance at the recent updates on the launch of Ultraviolette F77.

Ultraviolette F77 Desgin :

Ultraviolette F77

The new sporty Ultraviolette has a high handlebar and a low seat so as to give the rider an exclusive experience and add more convenience. To make the Ultraviolette bike futuristic, the company decided to draw inspiration from the aviation industry, and thus as result, you won’t notice any screws and nut bolts on the bike.

The F77 looks quite sporty thanks to its muscular front and angular fairing. It offers features like an LED headlamp, clip-on handlebars, and a digital instrument cluster. There are three trims on offer — Airstrike, Shadow, and Laser.

Ultraviolette F77 Colour Options :

The Ultraviolette F77 and F77 Recon will be available in three options: Silver, black and red. The Limited edition will be available in a single color: Meteor Grey+ Afterburner Yellow (pictured below).

Ultraviolette F77 Performance :

Ultraviolette F77

The electric bike will be the fastest in the country with a top speed of 152 kmph with the F77 Limited edition and 147 kmph with the Recon version. The bike produces 25kW power and 95Nm of torque giving it the ‘fastest electric bike’ status in the country. The company claims a range of 307 km in ideal driving conditions. However, it will be offered with three drive modes: Glide, Combat and Ballistic. The standard variant can go from 0 to 60 in 3.4 seconds while the Recon can go from 0-60 in 3.1 seconds. The fastest is the Limited variant with a range of 0-60kmph in 2.9 seconds and 0-100kmph in 7.8 seconds.

Battery and Range :

The Ultraviolette F77 bike has a horsepower of 29kW, a torque of 95Nm, a battery of 10.3kW, and a range of 307km. The company said the battery architecture and battery management system of the electric motorcycle have been designed and developed in-house by Ultraviolette. The F77 has a 2.5X higher battery capacity than existing electric two-wheelers in India, according to the company. Ultraviolette also announced a limited edition series of the F77 and only 77 units will be manufactured.

Ultraviolette F77 Mode :

  • Glide mode will offer a range of 176 km on the standard F77 and 261 km on the F77 Recon and F77 Limited.
  • Combat mode offers a range of 135 km for the standard F77 and 200 km for the F77 Recon and F77 Limited.
  • The ballistic mode will offer a minimum range of 118 km on the Standard Ultraviolet F77 and 171 km on the F77 Recon and F77 Limited.

Ultraviolette F77 Charging :

Ultraviolette F77

The new Ultraviolet F77 is capable of going 300 kilometers on a single charge. You can charge the bike with two types of chargers such as a standard charger that can juice your bike up to 35km/h and a boost charger that can juice your bike at 75km/h charge. You can also carry your boost charger on your bike. “Charging the F77 bike is as easy as charging your mobile phone,” says Narayan Subrama.

Ultraviolette F77 Price :

The Ultraviolette F77 has been priced in the range of Rs 3,80,000 to Rs 5,50,000. It has been launched in three variants: F77, F77 Recon, and F77 Limited.

VariantsPrice (ex-showroom)
F77Rs 3,80,000
F77 ReconRs 4,55,000
F77 LimitedRs 5,50,000

The F77 Recon is priced at 4.55 Lakhs(ex-showroom price) and the F77 Original is priced at 3.8 Lakhs(ex-showroom price). The F77 original has the second largest battery pack after F77 Recon. The company has also unveiled the ride-away prices for the two bike variants i.e., 9,500/month for the F77 original and 11,000/month for the F77 Recon.
Variants Price (ex-showroom)

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Bookings & Delivery :

The pre-bookings for the electric motorcycle started on October 23, 2022. The company last month claimed that the F77 had received more than 70,000 pre-bookings from 190 countries. Initially showcased in November 2019, the company’s plans to launch the electric bike were delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The delivery of the bikes will start in January 2023 for Bengaluru, and other cities accordingly will be planned by the company. You can book the Ultraviolette F77 starting at 6 pm tomorrow on the Ultraviolette website.

What is the range of Ultraviolette F77?

The Ultraviolette F77 Electric Bike range is 307km/charge

What is the top speed of Ultraviolette F77?

The electric bike will be the fastest in the country with a top speed of 152 kmph

What is the Price of Ultraviolette F77?

The Ultraviolette F77 has been priced in the range of Rs 3,80,000 to Rs 5,50,000. It has been launched in three variants: F77, F77 Recon, and F77 Limited.

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