Top best Electric Car Stocks In India (2023)

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I’m sure you’ve asked yourself: “What stocks would be the best in the Indian electric vehicle market?” In which Indian stock company could investors be interested? And even more! This blog will provide you with all the answers.

People have recently started acknowledging the need for electric vehicles in India, a country with alarming emissions levels. The rapid increase in public and government participation in sustainable dynamics marks the beginning of the Green Revolution in India. The new capital inflows will result in stocks of high-end electric vehicles (EVs) in India and Indian EV components for battery makers.Electric Car Stocks In India

By 2023, all three-wheelers will be battery-powered, and by 2025, most two-wheelers will follow. With the Government of India’s higher focus on green mobility, India’s electric vehicle EV market is expected to grow and expand.Electric Car Stocks In India

Best Electric Car Stocks In India :

Electric Car Stocks In India

Stocks of electric vehicles and battery makers in India are expected to skyrocket after the shift to electric mobility. The major industries benefiting from EVs in India are power companies, battery manufacturers, public transport and anode manufacturers. The launch of global EV giant Tesla in India has ushered in a new era in the Indian EV industry.Electric Car Stocks In India

Recently, in the wake of the epidemic, people have begun to realize the need for electric vehicles in a country with alarming levels of pollution, which have been significantly reduced during lockdowns.Electric Car Stocks In India

The recent flow of electric vehicles in India makes 2021 the best time to buy penny stock of electric vehicles in India. With the recent Union Budget 2022 introducing a policy for the EV infrastructure and battery industry, this GOI aims to be a 100% electrically dynamic country within the next decade.Electric Car Stocks In India

Top Electric Car Stocks and Battery Companies in India :

  1. Mahindra Limited
  2. Tata Motors Limited
  3. Tata Power Company Limited
  4. Maruti Suzuki India Ltd
  5. Ashok Leyland Ltd
  6. Amara Raja Batteries Ltd :
  7. Graphite India Ltd.

Mahindra Limited :

With the launch of the Mahindra Rewa in the early 2000s. Mahindra took the first step towards the electric revolution in India. With an EV manufacturing unit in Bangalore.

Mahindra Electric has made a difference in many EV segments such as passenger and freight. In addition to electric cars, the Mahindra

By mid-2021 in the electric car battery sector. Mahindra has launched two new ranges of its compact urban electric vehicles Mahindra E2O and Mahindra E2O Plus.Electric Car Stocks In India

Mahindra & Mahindra Limited stocks can now be a great option for investing.

The Share price of Mahindra & Mahindra Limited :

  • Market Cap: Rs 94.97TCr
  • Dividend Yield: 1.10%
  • PE Ratio:16.35
  • Share Price: Rs792.40 INR

Tata Motors Limited :

1200px Tata logo.svg

The high-powered giant Motors is part of the electrical revolution. Regulation EV-Nexon EV after launch.

Tata Motors is a state-of-the-art electronic vehicle. With state-of-the-art Ziptron technology that uses regenerative braking to try to inform driveway limit batteries.Electric Car Stocks In India

Tata Motors currently offers three electric vehicles, the Tiger EV, the Nano EV and the Tiago Electric. Tata is expected to win the EV race in India. As it accelerates research and development in its vehicles and electric vehicles abroad.

In addition to cars, Tata Motors also manufactures some of the leading electric utility vehicles in India. Like buses, trucks, and defense vehicles.

The share price of Tata Motors Limited

  • Market Cap: Rs1.55LCr
  • Dividend Yield: 0.00%
  • PE Ratio:+9.40
  • Share Price: Rs 434.30

Tata Power Company Limited :

Tata Power is part of the Tata Group’s electric utility company. Which is divided into power generation and distribution.

It generates 10,875 MW of electricity, 32% of which comes from pure energy sources. The company aims to become the largest electric vehicle charging station provider in India by 2030.Electric Car Stocks In India

At present, Tata Power has set up about 170 electric vehicle charging stations in India. The company has entered into an agreement to install EV charging stations on its premises at petrol pumps like Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum.Electric Car Stocks In India

The share price of Tata power company:

  • Market cap: Rs74.07TCr
  • Dividend yield: 0.67%
  • PE Ratio 42.52
  • Share Price: Rs 232.00 INR

Maruti Suzuki India Ltd

225 2257913 suzuki logo png transparent suzuki logo png png

Maruti Suzuki is a market leader in the Indian auto sector with a wide reach and strong emotional attachment. It has the highest level of confidence among Indian consumers and its EV-specific stock is expected to grow once it starts production.

The country’s largest carmaker Maruti Suzuki. There is a wide distribution network and there is a feeling among the people. Being the most loyal to Indian customers.Electric Car Stocks In India

EV Shares has launched its own electric vehicle that will touch its skies. The company will launch an electric version of its idol Maruti Suzuki Wagon R in mid-2021.Electric Car Stocks In India

Until then, it’s best to keep an eye on Maruti Suzuki’s share price :

The Share price of Maruti Suzuki India Ltd:

  • Market Cap: Rs 2.32LCr
  • Dividend Yield: 0.59%
  • PE Ratio: 71.55
  • Share Price: Rs 7,686.00 INR

Ashok Leyland Ltd :

Ashok Leyland is India’s leading manufacturer of electric buses, trucks and safety equipment. It made the first electric bus with flash-charge technology.Electric Car Stocks In India

This allows vehicles to fit on Indian highways, making it ideal for heavy-duty electric vehicles. Circuit, Circuit S, and HYBUS are just a few of Ashok Leyland’s iconic launches. Ashok Leyland will disrupt parts of heavy electric vehicles in India with the help of ABB TOSA technology.

Stock price of Ashok Leyland Limited

  • Market cap :33.60TCr
  • Dividend yield : -0.52%
  • PE Ratio : 0.41%
  • Share Price : 114.40 INR

Amara Raja Batteries Ltd :

Since batteries are the main component of electric vehicles, battery manufacturing companies can be considered as the top stock picks for stocks of electric vehicle battery makers in India. The batteries need to be replaced at regular intervals which means there is a continuum of sales of EV batteries.Electric Car Stocks In India

As the second largest battery manufacturer in India, Amara Raja Batteries plans to start a lithium-ion battery manufacturing plant soon. The company is planning to set up several charging stations in collaboration with the Delhi government.

Amra Raja batteries will be a major player in the stock of electric vehicles in India, which is why it is a great stock.

Amra Raja Batteries Limited Share price :

  • Marketing Cap: 13,401.95
  • Dividend yield : 1.40%
  • PE Ratio : 22.55
  • Share Price : 784.20

Graphite India Ltd :

Graphite being the major component in batteries, it will be in great demand once the EV revolution sets in. At the same time, batteries being the major part of EVs, Graphite India’s share is expected to rise exponentially over the next decade.

Graphite India Ltd. share price :

  • Market cap Rs 10,570 Cr
  • Dividend yield 0.92%
  • PE Ratio 48.82
  • Share Price Rs 550.35

The Future of Electric Cars Stock in India :

The current demand and growth for electric vehicles in India is expected to increase EV sales to over 30 million by 2030. The Government of India has set an ambitious target of electrifying 0% of India’s vehicles within 20 years

By 2030, GOI plans to replace 0% of commercial vehicles and 0% of personal vehicles with electric vehicles. The government wants all four-wheelers to run on batteries by 2023

By 2025, this rule is expected to increase in most two-wheelers. The government’s focus on green dynamism in India.

It is expected that the EV sector will grow significantly and the stock of electric vehicles in India will increase.

In view of this massive adoption and growth in the EV sector in India. 2022 can be considered as the best time to invest in stocks of electric vehicles in India.


What is the best EV stock to buy in India?

The best electric car stocks to buy in India are: Mahindra & Mahindra Limited, Tata Motors Limited, Tata Power Company Limited,Maruti Suzuki India Ltd

 Why are electric cars expensive in India?

Electric Cars are expensive in India because the batteries used in EVs alone form around 30% to 50% of the cost of EVs. These batteries are very expensive, hence increasing the cost of EVs.

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