The Guardian Creates EV Infrastructure Division in 2023

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Guardian Fueling Technologies has formed a new division, Guardian EVI, which will support a significant increase in demand for electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure and EV chargers in the United States. The Guardian’s growing popularity of installing EV chargers to traditional retail and commercial customers who want to supply electric fuel to their customers and fleets.

The Guardian has received a significant investment from the EVI Company, and has added a number of industry veterans to its team in areas such as services, installation, project management and business development.

Joey Bachelor, CEO of Guardian Fueling Technologies, said: “The installation of EVs has reached a point where significant investment is flowing into EV infrastructure and the Guardian EVI is ready to support America’s electrification.” “The expertise we’ve added to the Guardian EVI segment will allow us to develop specifications from different vendors to meet every need in our market and provide real-world experience with affordable solutions.”

The Guardian EVI is another Guardian division such as the Guardian Connect, the company’s remote service delivery platform that provides real-time notification of service issues and then works on them within minutes, days or weeks in traditional service models. EV charging technology is evolving, and the Guardian EVI will maximize its expertise in fuel experience to deliver products and services tailored to any application.

Guardian Fueling Technologies is a distributor, service provider and contractor for meeting the needs of fuel system owners and operators throughout the Southeast. The company is headquartered in Jacksonville, Fla. And serves customers from 17 branch offices across seven states. The company launched the Guardian EVI in 2022 to support the installation of EV infrastructure across the United States. Guardian also establishes and operates Guardian Connect, a remote service delivery platform, Fue

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