Tata Nano EV 2023- Review Range & Price

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Looking for the most affordable electric car in India ?, be fully prepared, the new EV version of Tata Nano EV is about to hit the market. In recent times, the news has gone viral that a new model of Tata Nano is about to hit the market.

In fact, in recent days, a picture has been going viral on social media, with former Tata Motors chairman Ratan Tata spotted with a new and updated version of the Tata Nano EV. That being said, this is Tata Nano’s new electric model which may be launched in the EV market soon. With its launch, it will disrupt the Indian EV 4W market with its price.

Tata Nano EV :

Tata Nano EV

There was a time when Tata Nano was the cheapest car available in India and it dominated the market but after some time it did not meet its expectations due to which Tata Motors stopped its production.

But since Ratan Tata was spotted with the new model of Nano in recent times, it has been speculated that Tata may now come up with a new electric version of the Nano. The car in which Ratan Tata is seen was gifted to him by a company.

Tata Nano EV Specifications :

Model nameTata Nano EV
Range160 Km/Single Charge
BatteryIP67-certified lithium-ion
Battery Capacity28.0 kWh
Motor TypePermanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
Top Speed :110kmph
0 to 60 speeds 10 seconds
Price4 to 6 lakhs (expected price)

Tata Nano EV Range and Battery Life :

For the Bespoke Nano EV, the Electra EV employs a 72V design. This architecture has enabled the Electra EV to extend the range of the Tigor EV (taxi variant) to 140 km and change the design. The range of Tigor Xpress T EV has been increased to 213 km without any change in the powertrain.

The Tata Nano EV shown above looks like a petrol-powered Nano. It is still a compact hatchback with four doors and four seats. Super polymer lithium-ion batteries now power the car. The Tata Nano EV is expected to reach a range of 160 kmph and 0-60 kmph in less than 10 seconds. When the Tata Nano is reintroduced as an electric vehicle, we believe it will be an ideal city car that will not pollute the environment.

The Tata Nano Electric, also known as the Electra EV Nano, is powered by a 48-volt electric motor with a maximum output of 23 horsepower. The carb weight of the new model is expected to be around 800 kg. The petrol-powered Nano weighs up to 765 kg and is powered by a 623cc twin-cylinder engine. On a single charge, Neo has a nominal ARAI autonomy of 200 kilometers. The electric nano should have a range of 140 km with four passengers and air conditioning.

Tata Nano EV Design :

The front electric grille on the electric nano is similar to the Chinese version of the Baojun E200. Square off the wheel arch, crisp crease dividing the tailgate and round shaped taillights are other highlights in front. Like a petrol car with a taillight wrapped around the back Nonetheless, the Nano EV has only two seats and a turning radius of less than four meters, which makes it ideal for city driving.

Nano EV Dimensions :

Length2,497 mm
Width1,526 mm
Height1,616 mm
Wheelbase1,600 mm
Ground Clearance180 mm
Kerb Weight990 kg
Wheel Size15 – inch

Tata Nano EV Interior :

R.5105e4777a8621f9060b8ab9ea7058c1?rik=qVtpD073HLcBRw&riu=http%3a%2f%2f2.bp.blogspot.com%2f lBTwPyCSkuE%2fTxHihQzBiUI%2fAAAAAAAADOE%2fNr g Phr7as%2fs1600%2fTata%2beMO%2bEV%2bConcept%2b%2525282012%252529%2bInterior%2b2

Inside the automobile, the Nano has a new interior design that delights you with plenty of space. The automobile has a 7.0-inch touchscreen screen and a digital instrument cluster with all the technical information including ADAS (Advanced Driver Assist System), an insulation system and much more.

Tata Nano EV Features :

However, we are confident that the Neo will include the majority of the functionality seen in the petrol-powered car. These are some of them:

  • 7.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system with navigation system
  • Semi-digital instrument cluster
  • iRA connectivity technology
  • Driving modes
  • Wireless charger
  • Android Auto and Apple support CarPlay
  • Bottomflat steering wheel
  • Steering wheel audio controls
  • LED DRL with headlights
  • Electric front and rear
  • Cruise control
  • Automatic climate control
  • Height-adjustable driver’s seat
  • On/off push button
  • Keyless access

Safety devices Features :

  • Two front airbags
  • ABS with EBD
  • Brake assist and ESP (Electronic Stability Program)
  • Traction Control System
  • Tire pressure monitoring system
  • Rear parking sensors and camera
  • Intelligent remote parking assistance

Tata Nano EV Price :

Although the actual price list will not be released till the day of launch, the price of the Neo is expected to be around Rs 5 lakh. The nano-based hatchback will be the cheapest four-seater electric car on the market at this price point. The Electra EV Nano will be sold as the Electra EV Nano, but Tata Motors may release its own version in the near future. As a result, the company’s product portfolio will include up to three electric vehicles: the Nano EV, the Tiago EV and the Tiger EV.

The popularity of electric vehicles is growing among Indian buyers and Tata Motors is now one of the leading manufacturers of electric vehicles in the country. In the passenger automobile market, they have two models: Nexon EV and Tiger EV. Electra EV, a company that specializes in electric vehicle powertrains, has built an electric vehicle based on the Tata Nano. What makes it even more amazing is that the company’s founder Rata Tata has got a custom nano electric car. On Linkedin, the business posted a picture of Ratan Tata standing next to the Nano EV.

The LinkedIn post said, “It is a moment of truth for Team Electra EV when our founder takes a ride in the custom-built 72V Nano EV, powered by the engineering might of Electra EV’s powertrain! We are super proud to deliver Mr Tata’s Nano EV and gain insights from his invaluable feedback.” The picture shared online has Mr. Ratan Tata and his 28-year-old assistant Shantanu Naidu posing with the Nano EV.

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Tata CURVV EV Video

Tata Nano EV launch date in India :

We are only a few months away from Neo’s debut. The Tata Nano, also known as the Electra EV Nano, will premiere later this year On launch day, the Coimbatore-based company will deliver 400 units of the car to well-known taxi aggregator Ola Cabs.

This is not the first time that Tata has converted a Nano into an electric car. Ola, which recently debuted the electric scooter, created a battery-powered version of the Tata Nano a few years ago. A small number of electric nanos from Zyme Automotives in Coimbatore have been included. Unfortunately, the project never ended. The Electra Nano EV may be a suitable option for people looking for a compact electric car for city travel. The value and availability of information, such as when it will open through production or when it will close, is currently unavailable.

Do you think the electric Tata Nano will help the sales of small hatchbacks reach new heights? All we know so far about the price, launch date, range, specifications of Tata Nano Electric vehicles in India

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Tata Nano Price in India?

The price of the Neo is expected to be around Rs 5 lakh.

What is the range for Tata Nano ?

Will be available with a range of 160 km.

What is the top speed Tata Nano ?

Top speed Tata Nano 110km/h

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