Tata Curvv EV Price – Launch With Large Battery, 500-km range

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Tata Motors has revealed the Tata Curvv EV SUV-coupe concept, which will go into production by 2024. Tata Motors is betting heavily on the potential of EV space in India by planning multiple launches for our market. Importantly, Indian carmakers have invested heavily in building a new flexible platform that will build the lineup of electric vehicles in the future.

The new car designed for India is a production version of the CURVV coupe-SUV concept. Here is our first idea.

Tata Motors has unveiled the CURVV concept – the next-generation EV platform that will be unveiled in a mid-sized SUV – which borrows the silhouette of a coupe – is set to launch in the next two years, and Tata is already accelerating its development.


Tata Curvv EV

The concept will be Tata’s first car to be launched first as an EV, and then followed by an existing internal-combustion engine (ICE)-powered rival; A hybrid model will not be offered.

Nonetheless, the company refrained from giving a timeline on when the ICE-powered vehicle derived from the CURVV concept would be launched, ostensibly to stabilize the demand for electric vehicles. Tata has also not commented on a price-range, but based on its location, it is understood that it will be priced between mid-size and large-size SUVs.

“With the CURVV concept, we now enter the Generation 2 EV architecture that will further improve the adoption of EVs in India by overcoming the current hurdles. With this new architecture, we will strengthen the pillars of range, performance and technology, as well as maintain safety and reliability as a hygiene offer, ”said Shailesh Chandra, Managing Director, Tata Curvv EV

Tata Motors Passenger Vehicles and Tata Passenger Electric Mobility. It will position manufacturing-ready vehicles from the CURVV concept as a brand new segment – which will not eat away at any of its existing portfolios – and expects demand from both mid-size and large SUV buyers.Tata Curvv EV

“It will be suitable for the fast-paced life of urban dwellers who appreciate and hope for low charge time, interactive and intuitive interface, quick response and feature comfort.”

Tata Motors currently sells the best-selling electric car in India in the form of the Nexon EV and is keen to further expand its leadership with other new products.
The CURVV will slot above the Nexon and below the Harrier while filling a significant gap in the compact SUV space.The production version of CURVV will first be launched as an Tata Curvv EV.

Tata CURVV EV Design :

20220406015716 Tata Curvv rear

The car previews the External language of Tata Motors. The Tata CURVV concept represents a new design language for future electric vehicles from indigenous automakers.
The front has smooth surfacing with a thin LED light bar that covers the entire face. The rest of the styling looks clean and minimal and sharp.
From the side, the coupe-SUV styling adds more aggression with the huge 20-inch alloy wheels.

Tata Curvv Interior :

The interiors are futuristic while advancing the language of general design seen with exterior styling. There are two screens that dominate the entire dashboard while physical control is kept to a minimum.The car has a future looking cabin.
The two-spoke steering wheel is new. Elsewhere, the interior uses fabric upholstery instead of leather while the dashboard is divided into several layers.
Build quality is also impressive.

Tata CURVV EV Features :

The car has a large touchscreen infotainment system with a digital instrument cluster.From connected car technology to dual screen
The touchscreen will control all the major functions of the vehicle while a controller is placed under the center console.
The Concept Vehicle also has a glass panoramic sunroof with features like car technology added to the production version, a premium audio system, cruise control and a wheelchair.

Tata CURVV EV Range :

Tata Curvv InteriorThe car will pack a large battery pack Although Tata Motors has not released the exact specifications of the CURVV, we expect a larger battery pack and more power than the Nexon EV.
The ‘GEN 2 EV’ architecture will provide fast charging capability for the production version of the CURVV and a long wheelbase for charging vehicles from vehicle to vehicle. In terms of estimated range, expect about 400-500 km.

Tata curvv price :

We expect the production version of the Tata CURVV concept to be priced between Rs 15-20 lakhs (former showroom) and it will be Tata Motor’s flagship EV.

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