Sony vision-S 02 electric SUV unveiled at (2023)

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Japanese tech massive Sony has unveiled the Sony vision-S 02 electric SUV at CES 2022 and additionally introduced that a devoted mobility organisation might be installation to increase Sony’s electric powered automobile improvement plan.

The Vision-S 02 is an SUV-frame kind that makes the Vision-S saloon prototype a fulfillment that we have got been seeing for a few time. Sony Mobility Inc. Is the call so one can be accountable for the improvement and advertising of upcoming Sony vision-S 02 electric SUV .

Sony vision-S 02 electric SUV

Sony vision-S 02 electric SUV

During CES 2022, Sony unveiled the concept of its Vision-S 02 electric car, which looks a lot like its first concept but adopts the SUV form factor. The Japanese firm is entering the EV segment and Sony Mobility Inc. Has also shared plans to produce cars under the company. In fact, Sony is already testing its vehicles on public roads Sony vision-S 02 electric SUV .

The interesting bit about the new concept is that it is filled with sensors on the outside and inside. It has CMOS imager and LiDAR sensor to assist the driver and drive it autonomously. As we mentioned earlier, Sony is conducting the necessary tests on public roads to license and release Sony vision-S 02 electric SUV its Level 2+ driver support technology Sony vision-S 02 electric SUV .

Sony vision-S 02 electric SUV Specifications :

Passengers Capacity7
Weight5,467 pounds
Power200kW x 2 [front/rear]
motors  268hp 
VmaxMore than 112 mph
DriveAll-wheel drive
Dimensions192.7 x 76 x 65 inches
Wheelbase119.3 inches
Ground clearance6.2 inch
Tire size255/50R20 [front], 275/45R20 [rear]

Sony vision-S 02 electric SUV Degain :

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The Vision-S 02 is a large car with 7 seats and a minimalist design language. Following the design of its predecessor, the front has a raised lip with a black grille that supplies air to the wheels by air-scoop.

The headlamps are leaf-shaped and divided by a full-width LED DRL strip in the middle that creates the Sony Mobility logo in the middle; There are no side mirrors, just Sony’s CMOS sensors that will help you navigate the streets. It has a comfortable SUV stance, a curved sloping roof that ends in fastback style. The car is 4.9 meters long and sits on a 20-inch alloy.

However, Sony’s power, and arguably the main reason it enters the autonomous space, lies within the Vision-S.

Like most contemporary cars, the interior of the electric car is dominated by a flat screen, audio technology and user interface – an area where the vast Sony Empire already possesses enormous efficiency.

Sony’s capabilities come in handy on the screens, as they are embedded in a single slab with three displays as well, not one or two with dash, more screens can be found in the seats for the rear passengers.
The center console has a screen for accessing various functions, the rest of the cabin is clean and compact. Sony has also used its expertise in audio technology and speakers embedded inside seats to provide a 3D-surround experience.

Sony Vision-S 02 SUV 5G Controlling System :

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Equipped with VISION-S 5G network function. As a result, residents can fully enjoy cloud-based entertainment services that require low latency and high bandwidth, such as streaming movies, music and games.

Sony Vision-S 02 packs a long list of features, some highlights include a 5G enabled system, 40-sensor supported Level 2+ ADAS, video game streaming on the PlayStation and a large host of assisted security features. .

Cameras, LiDARs, radars and ultrasonic sensors have been used to create ‘safety-cocoons’ that enable the car to park and drive itself, in addition, in-cabin cameras monitor residents and control the future as well as climate control. Lip reading technology that will enable accurate verbal instructions.

Sony vision-S 02 electric SUV Range :

The Sony Vision-S02 is equipped with an all-wheel drive for two electric motors, one mounted on the front axle and the other on the rear wheels.

Each sedan produces 268 horsepower (200 kW) to mirror. Acceleration figures have not been released,The Vision-S 02’s all-wheel drive system is powered by a dual-electric motor setup at the front and rear. The motors are rated at 268hp and this 2.5-ton car can go at speeds over 180kmph, 0-100 times not announced, but it should be around 4.8 seconds of Vision-S 01. The car sits in double wishbone suspension at the front and rear.


Sony Vision-S 02 SUV New Features ?

Vision-S Link, Personalized Cabin, 5G Connectivity, Sustainability

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