PURE EV ePluto 7G Pro Electric Scooter in India

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If you are looking for an article that will provide you with all the information about the PURE EV Launched ePluto 7G Pro electric scooter in 2023, then don’t look for more, in this article, we will give you all the details.

Pure EV ePluto 7g Pro :

Pure EV ePluto 7g Pro
Pure EV ePluto 7g Pro

Introducing the Pure EV ePluto 7G Pro, the latest addition to the revolutionary lineup of electric scooters from Hyderabad-based manufacturer, PURE EV. This state-of-the-art e-scooter is redefining the standard of urban mobility with its unmatched features and exceptional performance. Whether you’re a daily commuter or an eco-conscious trendsetter, the ePluto 7G Pro is ready to take your riding experience to new heights.

At the forefront of its features is its unmatched range. The ePluto 7G Pro boasts an impressive battery capacity, which ensures that you can effortlessly navigate the city without worrying about running out of power. With its sleek design and futuristic aesthetics, this scooter effortlessly blends style and durability. The ePluto 7G Pro takes convenience to the next level with its fast-charging capabilities, letting you spend less time waiting and more time on the road.

Safety is paramount, and PURE EV has left no stone unturned in equipping the ePluto 7G Pro with the latest features. With an advanced braking system and responsive handling, you can navigate busy roads and unexpected obstacles with confidence. Additionally, the scooter’s intelligent display provides real-time information, keeping you informed and in control of your ride.

Pure EV ePluto 7g Pro Design :

The new PURE EV ePluto 7G boasts of a retro design language It gets a circular LED headlamp with a circular LED DRL. The company will offer this electric scooter in three color variants. They are: matte black, gray, and white.

Pure EV ePluto 7g Pro Motor Power :

This electric scooter is powered by an electric motor rated at 1.5 kW. The electric motor has a 2.5 kW MCU and a CAN-based charger. The Pure EV ePluto 7G Pro uses the Ecodrift motorcycle platform.

Pure EV ePluto 7g Pro Battery :

Pure EV ePluto 7g Pro
Pure EV ePluto 7g Pro

Battery capacity is also expected to be excellent. As per the report, the electric scooter will feature a 3.0 kWh AIS 156 certified battery and a smart BMS and Bluetooth connectivity.

Range :

The ePluto 7G Pro electric scooter has a range of 100-150 km on a single charge. And, it will come in 3 different modes. The new electric scooter is slated to have 4 other microcontrollers and various sensors. Thus, the processing speed will be very high, and the performance of the electric scooter will be better than its previous version, the Pure EV ePluto 7G. The previous version, ePluto 7G, has a 90-120 km range on a single charge, which is less than this latest version. Newer versions may have OTA firmware upgrades in the future.

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Price :

Introducing the latest revolution in urban mobility, Pure EV has taken the Indian market by storm with the delightful ePluto 7G Pro electric scooter. Packed with sophisticated features and a sleek design, this two-wheeler has won the hearts of eco-conscious riders across the country. With a price tag of 94,999/- (ex-showroom), the ePluto 7G Pro not only offers an affordable option but also promises an electrifying performance. From its impressive range to quick acceleration, this scooter is a game-changer in sustainable transportation. Say goodbye to fuel consumption and embrace a greener future with the ePluto 7G Pro—where style, efficiency, and eco-friendliness come together on the open road. Get ready to embark on an electric journey.

Booking and Delivery :

The company has started booking for it, which you can secure by visiting Pure EV’s official website. Along with this, the company informed us that they will start shipping the ePluto 7 Pro later this month.

Here’s what the company said:

Rohit Vadera, Co-Founder and CEO, of Pure EV Company said about the upcoming vehicle launch, “This upgraded version of our best-selling 7G model is the result of our relentless pursuit of innovation, sustainability, and excellence. The model is targeted at people who need a long-range scooter. We are delighted to have received over 5000 inquiries during pre-launch, and expect over 2000 bookings in the first month of launch.”

Future plans :

In a rapidly evolving market, the company’s venture into electric scooters is nothing short of remarkable. Looking to the future, the company’s ambitious plan to cross 300 touchpoints by the end of the financial year 2024, is a testament to its unwavering commitment to expansion and customer accessibility.

As the world embraces sustainable transportation solutions, the company’s electric scooters have captured the imagination of urban dwellers and eco-conscious commuters alike. With each touchpoint, the company not only provides a convenient means of transportation but also contributes to reducing carbon emissions, paving the way for a greener and cleaner future. As it reaches new milestones, the company’s visionary approach to mobility sets it apart, transforming the way we navigate our cities and inspiring waves of positive change.

Conclusion :

In conclusion, the Pure EV ePluto 7G Pro is a game-changer in the world of electric scooters. Its impressive range, sleek design, and cutting-edge safety features make it a top choice for urban commuters and eco-conscious riders alike. Embrace the future of mobility with the ePluto 7G Pro and experience a ride like no other.


What is the range of PURE EV ePluto 7G Pro electric scooters?

This electric scooter is claimed to offer a range of up to 150 km per charge.

How many colors are available in PURE EV ePluto 7G Pro?

The Pure EV ePluto 7G Pro has been manufactured in 3 colors. People can choose from Matte Black, Grey, and White.

How much cost PURE EV ePluto 7G Pro Electric scooters?

The PURE EV ePluto 7G Pro in India at a starting price of Rs 94,999, ex-showroom.

What is the top speed of pure EV?

Pure EV ePluto 7G has a top speed of 60 kmph (kilometer per hour).

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