Piaggio 1+ Electric Scooter: Eco-Friendly & Fashionable

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Piaggio has revolutionized the electric scooter industry with the introduction of their latest model Piaggio 1+ Electric Scooter. This sleek and stylish scooter ushers in a new era of emission-free urban mobility. Combining outstanding performance, advanced technology, and advanced safety features, it offers everything you would expect from a high-end scooter.

Piaggio 1+ Electric Scooter:

Piaggio 1+ Electric Scooter
Piaggio 1+ Electric Scooter

The Piaggio 1+ is an affordable and high-quality electric scooter manufactured by Piaggio, a renowned brand known for its exceptional scooters and motorcycles, including the iconic Vespa. This scooter is an upgraded version of the original Piaggio 1, boasting an improved battery for extended use.

Piaggio 1+ Electric Scooter Color Options:

You have the freedom to choose from six vibrant color options for your Piaggio 1+ – Flame Mix, Forever White, Sunshine Mix, Forever Grey, Arctic Mix, and Forever Black.

Piaggio 1+ Electric Scooter Impressive Range:

Piaggio 1+ Electric Scooter

Piaggio 1+ is designed with user-friendliness in mind. It offers convenience and ease of use with a MAP button located on the right handlebar that lets you effortlessly switch between Sport and Eco modes. In sport mode, you will experience the full power of the scooter and enjoy a thrilling riding experience. On the other hand, Eco mode ensures efficient fuel consumption and long range with smooth acceleration. In Eco mode, you can achieve an impressive range of up to 100 km, while in Sport mode, you will have a range of up to 68 km.

Piaggio 1+ Electric Scooter Battery & Motor:

Equipped with a removable 2.3 kWh lithium battery, the Piaggio 1+ outperforms its predecessor’s 1.4 kWh battery, providing increased riding capacity. This electric scooter is powered by a powerful 1.2 kWh electric motor, which delivers an impressive torque of 125 Nm.

Piaggio 1+ Electric Scooter Specifications:

The Piaggio 1+ has a length of 1,680 mm, a width of 750 mm, and a comfortable seat height of 770 mm. Its suspension system includes a trailing link at the front and twin shocks at the rear, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride. Disc brakes are employed at both ends for efficient braking performance.

Piaggio 1+ Electric Scooter Features:

Piaggio 1+ Electric Scooter

The Piaggio 1+ excels in power, lightweight construction, and durability. It offers an optimal balance of power and comfort. Notable features include pull-out foot pegs for the rear passenger, a spacious footplate for extra luggage, and stylish LED lighting throughout. The scooter’s digital ambient dashboard automatically adjusts to the surrounding brightness, enhancing visibility. Keyless start and USB charge port for mobile phones add convenience and sophistication to this scooter.

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Piaggio 1+ Electric Scooter Pricing:

Piaggio is yet to announce the official price of the Piaggio 1+ Electric Scooter. But it can be priced between Rs. 1 lakh and 1.5 lahks, making it an attractive option for those looking for an affordable and high-performing electric scooter.

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