Officially Tata Nexon EV MAX Launched In India Range of 437km

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Tata Motors today launched a new version of its Nexon EV. Dubbed the Tata Nexon EV MAX , the model will be offered in two variants – XZ and XZ Lux. Both variants come with two charger options. Color options include Intensity-Teal (exclusive to Max), Daytona Gray and Pristine White.

“With customer-centricity at the core and dedicated to bringing new products at regular and fast breaks, we’re delighted to launch the new Nexon EV MAX – an SUV that gives MAX freedom for all EV users to travel long distances regularly and seamlessly.” Tata Passenger Electric Mobility Head, Marketing, Sales and Service Strategy Vivek Srivastava.

“With customer-centricity at the core and dedicated to bringing new products at regular and fast breaks, we’re delighted to launch the new Nexon EV MAX – an SUV that gives MAX freedom for all EV users to travel long distances regularly and seamlessly.” Tata Passenger Electric Mobility Head, Marketing, Sales and Service Strategy Vivek Srivastava.

Tata Nexon EV MAX :

Tata Nexon EV MAX

The Tata Nexon EV MAX is a new high-range variant that will be sold alongside existing models – the Nexon EV – which is the best-selling electric car in India. The electric car of the indigenous automaker has an extended range of 437 km, including a large battery pack.

The new Tata Nexon EV MAX SUV will get some additional upgrades in terms of features to keep up with the competition like MG Astor and others. The long range Nexon EV will get a larger battery pack in the form of a new 40 kWh battery pack, which will be 30% larger than the current model’s 30.2kWh pack.

Tata Nexon EV MAX Specifications :

ModelTata Nexon EV MAX
Range 437 km
Battery TypeLithium-ion
Battery 40.5 kWh 
Power143 PS and 245 Nm
Top Speed140 km/h
0-100 kmph9 Seconds
0% to 80%  56 minutes
Price 17.74 lakh (ex-showroom)

Tata Nexon EV MAX Design :

Tata Nexon EV MAX

The design of the Nexon EV Max is so amazing that anyone can be drawn to it. The design of the car is very bold and sporty. Car designers similarly focus more on priority forms and functions as a cleverly integrated feature.

1. Front DRL

The front of the car is literally very good because the headlights have a tri-arrow DRL, which gives the Nexon EV Max an elegant look.

2. R16 Diamond-Cut Alloy Wheels

Equipped with this type of R16 diamond cut aerodynamic alloy wheels make the look of the Nexon EV Max more sharp and attractive than anywhere else.

3. Dual tone body color

The body color of the EV makes it unique with the new signature Intensity-Till body color, Pristine White and Daytona Gray roof which adds an electric glow to the SDUV Annette.

Tata Nexon EV MAX Technology :

The new SUV has a lot of advanced technology that creates a driving experience that you will remember forever.

1. Wireless smartphone charger

When you own wheels, the Qi-certified wireless charger ensures that your smartphone device is always charged.

2. Electronic parking brake

Many may think this is new, but on the Nexon EV Max, the function is automatic, drivers can also add it manually and disconnect it with a switch mounted in the middle of the console.

3. Auto-dimming IRVM

This feature makes your driving easier wherever you go. The electro-chromatic inside rear-view mirror is able to detect the brightness of the light of the coming age and dim it in such reflected light.

4. Herman infotainment system

The technology is entertainment that provides a submerged ambient sound and a floating dash-top with a 17.78cm touchscreen from the 4-speaker 4-Twitter Harman infotainment system. You can also seamlessly connect it to your smartphone with Apple Car Play

5. Relax

We want to know that charging the Nexon EV is seriously hassle free and effortless because you can run it. It comes with multiple charging options and you can choose the best one for you.

Tata Nexon EV MAX Luxurious facilities :

Tata Nexon EV MAX

1. Electric sunroof

It’s a pure luxury approach that makes your ride more enjoyable and even soaks up some sun while you’re at it with the Nexon EV Max’s electric sunroof.

2. Elegant cockpit design

It is a combination of spacious cockpit design and sophisticated Makarana beige interiors that can add a rich fancy feel to this electric car.

3. Grand console with rear AC vent

The EV’s grand console enhances the aesthetics of the cabin and incorporates a luxurious feel. AC vents ensure that passengers in the backrest are fresh and cool and comfortable throughout the journey.

4. Ventilated leatherette seat

The EV comes with front ventilation push leather seat. It mainly helps maintain a comfortable sitting temperature that will not depend on the weather outside.

5. Air purifier

This is one of the best luxuries you can get because you can easily and effortlessly breathe an air purifier designed to measure the cabin air quality level.

6. Jewelers control knob

It’s like adding a touch of richness to driving with the new sophisticated, three-arrow patterned jeweled control knob. Basically, it’s a digital display that makes it very easy to read.

Tata Nexon EV MAX Advantage :

The new Nexon EV Max has a combination of many features that have a lot of advantages that are already quite amazing for the driving experience.

1. Cruise control

The new feature makes long trips to this Nexon EV Max virtually effortless.

2. Ergonomic boot space

The new EV holds 350 liters but the space is large enough to carry what you need to go.

3. Cold glove box

The latest EV comes with a multi-utility cooling storage unit to keep things cool and cool.

4. i-TPMS

The i-TPMS or indirect tire pressure monitoring system always tracks tire pressure and provides an update.

Tata Nexon EV MAX Range and Battery :

Tata Nexon EV MAX

Tata Motors has already certified the previous version of Nexon EV with 136bhp, the source has now confirmed that the latest Nexon EV Max will come with 143bhp and 250Nm, you can say it is 14hp and 5Nm higher than the standard of Nexon EV SUV.

The Nexon EV Max offers a 3.3kW charger and a 7.2kW AC fast charging feature. If you choose the 7.2kWh option which may cost extra money. 60,000-70,000. Typically, a 3.3kWh unit on the Nexon EV Max takes 15-16 hours to fully charge, while you choose the 7.2kWh faster charger which can reduce the charging time by 6 to 5 hours. Fast-charging DCs can be supported in cars and take just over an hour to reach 80 percent charge. If the battery size increases, it is only connected to a powerful motor that produces 140.7 bhp and 250Nm.

The battery capacity will be 40.5kWh units which is 10kWh more than the standard Nexon EV. The Nexon EV Max is powered by a 105kW permanent magnet synchronous motor that delivers 250Nm with a tremendous acceleration of 0-100km / h in 9 seconds.

Tata Nexon EV MAX Variants :

Today Tata Nexon EV Max launched two variants one is XZ+ and XZ+ Lux. The Nexon EV Max comes with many unique features.

Tata Nexon EV Max XZ+

This is one variant of Tata Nexon EV Max that the company unveiled today. The EV has been powered by a 40.5 kWh battery pack. XZ+ contains 105kW or 143 PS Permanent Magnet Synchronous AC Motor, multi-mode regens, all 4-disc brakes, ESP with I-VBAC, Electronic Parking Brake with Auto Hold, multi-drive modes, wireless smartphone charger, jewelled control knob, and cruise control. The owner will get an option of 3.3kW & 7.2kW AC Fast Charger. The 3.3kW is normal and will take 15 hours to charge the battery, if you choose a 7.2 kW Fast Charger then it will take less than five or six hours.

Tata Nexon EV Max XZ+ Lux

tata nexon ev min

After knowing the name, we all understand that this is an advanced version of XZ+. This variant inherits all the features of XZ+, but additionally, it contains an electric sunroof, leatherette front seats with ventilation, all the latest Makrana Beige interiors, and an auto-dimming IRVM, air purifier. In this type also you get the option of 3.3kW & 7.2kW AC Fast Charger, and you have to choose one among the two to charge the car.

Tata Nexon EV MAX Price :

The company has explicitly announced that the Nexon EV Max has been launched in phases and will launch in late May or early June this year. The most interesting information is that the company will give 8 years or 160,000km battery and motor warranty which is quite nice.

Given the growing demand, we expect the Nexon EV Max to be around Rs. 21 lakh in the highest city. Recent reports confirm that the Tata Nexon EV Max XZ+ with 3.3 kW is priced at Rs. 17.74 lakh, if you choose 7.2kW then the cost will be Rs. 18.24 lakh, the second Max XZ+ Lux with 3.3kW is priced at Rs. 18.74 lakhs, and if you choose 7.2kW then it will cost Rs. 19.24 lakhs.

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Tata Nexon EV MAX Safety Features :

1. ESP with I-VBAC

As you move to a new destination, Nexon EV Max’s ESP (Electronic Stability Program) helps you take the course. The system operates under the innovative I-VBAC (Intelligent Vacuum-Less Boost and Active Control), a system that can reduce the stopping distance by creating a brake mechanism.

2. All four-disc brakes

The Max has front and rear wheel disc brakes which can increase braking efficiency and give you more control.

3. Fortified cabin

The Nexon EV MAX features a high-power boost road design capable of absorbing impact energy and providing comprehensive safety.

4. ABS with EBD and BA

With these features, the car will take charge of the road while all other controls come with anti-lock braking system including electronic brake force distribution and brake assistance.

5. IP67 rated battery pack and engine

Powered by the introduction of state-of-the-art Nexon EV Max Art Ziptron technology, the comfortable IP67 rated battery pack provides high quality access protection, it resists shock, water and of course dust.

6. Heel Hold Assist

The latest Nexon EV Max comes with a unique and intuitive feature that understands gradation and lasts 2 seconds when you want to stop a trend, giving you more time to control the EV.

7. Heel Decent Control

The latest HDC system helps reduce the speed of the Nexon EV Max, allowing you to steer your EV.

8. Auto Vehicle Hold (AVH)

This feature comes in handy due to the stagnant condition of the city streets with bends. It is able to control the brake pressure after your foot is off, it is literally amazing, the brake literally reduces the driver’s excitement and at the same time provides reassurance.

9. Panic Brake Warning

If you are in an emergency and press the brakes hard, the system automatically triggers alarm lights to alert your fellow drivers to develop during their response.

10. ISOFIX Anchorage

The Nexon EV Max comes with a pre-installed ISOFIX anchorage for children’s seats because you can drive peacefully.

11 Dual front airbags

The Nexon EV Max has dual frontal airbags with the standard variant to provide some extra security.

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