Lightyear validates world-record solar car aerodynamics 2023

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Solar car company Lightyear has put its Lightyear One prototype on the testing track and has ensured its incredibly low power consumption, even on a cold and winter day, thanks to the car’s incredible aerodynamics and low power consumptionsolar car .

Energy efficiency tops the list of solar vehicle designs; As good as aerodynamics is, any energy generated by its integrated solar panel can be used.

Solar Sar World Record

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Recently, Lightyear’s engineering crew completed the primary collection of validations for the aerodynamic overall performance of the Lightyear One. During a week-lengthy take a look at at a wind tunnel facility in Turin, the Lightair crew become capable of affirm their simulation fashions and affirm a drag coefficient (CD) underneath 0.20.

This manner a newly mounted report in aerodynamics for the Lightyear One. The precise wide variety might be made public while the automobile is completely developed. With the results, the LightAir One will possibly be the maximum aerodynamic vehicle at the market.

The business enterprise says aerodynamics is through some distance the maximum vital thing to deal with, as growing wind resistance with the rate of a automobile can require a massive quantity of energy.

Solar car Design :

solar car

Through this test, Lightyear is pleased to peer the validity in their calculations and excited to attain exceptional layout overall performance. Optimal aerodynamics is a key aspect in attaining an incredible low energy intake for a car that mixes the passenger ability of a 5-seater and the trunk ability of an SUV.

To gain the great aerodynamics out of those requirements, Lightair has commenced designing from scratch with an progressive mindset, now no longer along side current conventions. Leighty Hoefsloot, CEO of Lightyear, said: “This extensive development is feasible best due to the fact we redesigned the automobile the manner we realize it, beginning with the scratch and focusing at the maximum vital EV overall performance metrics for EV drivers: good enough variety and rapid charging. Speed ​​”.

Light Year: EV’s destiny is grid-impartial

The imaginative and prescient of the mild yr is likewise radical; The corporation is devoted to creating electric powered riding reachable on a huge scale; A grid-impartial vehicle, consisting of a sun vehicle. For the mild yr, grid-impartial way convention-impartial. With its promise, Lightair definitely chooses a approach that distinguishes itself from present day EV manufacturers, that specialize in traditional metrics together with acceleration and accomplishing this via large battery packs.

This, of course, suggests the extremely smooth design of the Lightyear One – but as the company noted, it has to be balanced with the reality of passenger comfort. Although the solar cars used in the Bridgestone Solar Car Racing Challenge typically produce cutting edge windswept designs, the Light Year One must be comfortable enough for everyday use.

Bridgestone, as it happens (and not coincidentally), is also Lightair’s tire partner and it’s the tire giant’s testing track in April where the Lightair One is being tested.


solar car

In addition to aerodynamics testing, LightYear is testing LightYear One in “suboptimal” conditions: that is, on cold or cloudy days, or with extra luggage in the car, etc.

Test coordinator Megan Perfit said in a release from the company. the team recorded 141Wh of energy consumption per kilometer per day at 10 degrees in Italy, resulting in a 400km drive using a 60kWh battery capacity and a 130km / hr drive.

“If we compare it to other vehicles right now, the LightAir One can run one and a half times more than a directly-comparable car with the same battery size,” he said.

Test results show that in July 2021, the car drove 710 km on a single charge, when the car was driven at a distance of 710 km directly at a speed of 85 km / h for 9 hours. At the time, the company said it had the longest distance driven by any car with a 60kWh battery.

Lightyear plans to commence production of a limited number of 946 Ones from the second half of 2022.

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