Komaki DT 3000 electric scooter Launch in India 2023

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Electrical mobility brand Komaki has announced that the brand will launch their third EV product in the Indian market this calendar year. TheKomaki has revealed that the brand will launch a high-speed scooter Komaki DT 3000 dub in 2022.

The Komaki DT 3000 will become the brand’s 6th product in the registration product portfolio. It not only demonstrates the brand’s commitment to green dynamics in the Indian market but also boasts of Komaki’s aggressive research and development activities. It also reveals that the brand has a high production capacity and it responds quickly to the changing needs of customers.

Indeed, the number of two-wheeled electric vehicles in India has increased which has been introduced in the country. Although several brands are manufactured entirely in India, a few other brands are imported.

It should be noted that a lot of incentives have been given by local, regional and central governments in India to encourage the production of electric vehicles. India is home to two-wheeled and three-wheeled combustion engines, the main culprits in greenhouse gas emissions. The government is thus encouraging manufacturers to adopt sustainable and green solutions to transportation problems.

 Komaki DT 3000 Electric Scooter :

Komaki DT 3000

The demand for two-wheelers in the electric segment in India is increasing day by day. In this regard, many companies are bringing their products to the market. So auto company Komaki (Komaki) has recently launched a new electric scooter (Komaki electric scooter). Komaki DT 3000

Komaki, which has just launched a new electric scooter in India called the Komaki DT 3000. (Komaki DT 3000) has been launched in India. Its price starts from Rs. 1,15,000. The new scooter is expected to compete with existing players in the market. The Komaki DT3000 e-scooter is available at all Komaki dealerships in the country from Friday.Komaki DT 3000

Komaki DT 3000 Specifications:

Brand Komaki DT 3000
Range 220km
Battery typeLithium-ion
Battery Power75V 52Ah patented 
Riding modes3 modes
Top speed90km/h
charging Time4h
PriceRS 115000

Komaki DT3000 batteryn and Range :

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The Komaki DT 3000 claims to be a smart and powerful scooter that will come with a 3000 watt BLDC motor. The scooter is proud to offer Komaki’s “irresistible excellence in EV innovation”. In addition, the Komaki DT 3000’s electric motor will be mated to a 62V52AH patented advanced lithium battery.

This battery pack claims to be far ahead of market expectations and is capable of returning 180-220 km mileage on a single charge. The motor and battery are capable of driving the electric scooter at a maximum speed of 90 kilometers per hour.

According to the company, the DT 3000 electric scooter offers a range of 180-220 kilometers on a single charge. Also, the company claims that the maximum speed of this e-scooter is 90 kilometers per hour.

Talking about the design of the electric scooter, Komaki has not yet released a picture. For which interested customers can go to their nearest dealership. The scooter will soon be available online.

Komaki DT3000 – color and price :

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Komaki has announced that the electric scooter will be available in three color options. The brand further revealed that the electric scooter will debut on 2022 In addition.

The brand has revealed that the ex-showroom price of the Komaki DT 3000 will be around INR 1,15,000 in Delhi. However, the brand has not yet released any pictures of the new Komaki DT 3000 electric scooter. The brand has recently had great success with the Venetian electric scooter and the first electric cruiser in the Indian market, the Komaki Ranger. The new DT 3000 boasts a market share like other high-speed products in the Komaki range.


Komaki Electric Scooter Range ?

Komaki Electric Scooter Range 180-220km

Komaki Electric Scooter top speed ?

Komaki Electric Scooter top 90km/h

Komaki Electric Scooter Price ?

Komaki Electric Scooter Price Rs 115000

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