Hop OXO Electric Bike 2023- Price, Range & Specification

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Hop Electric has finally launched its first Hop OXO Electric Bike, coming with the same features that the HOP OXO offers, it doesn’t get the convenience features or gimmicks that some electric scooters in the same price bracket offer. It doesn’t get speakers that enable music streaming, cruise control, a slick interface, and more.

India is one of the largest motorcycle markets in the world. Although electric personal mobility is still a new and unexplored concept in India, we see steady growth in this segment.

Many startups as well as mainstream manufacturers are trying to use their products to attract customers. Hero Electric is also offering free electric scooters to select buyers. While most of the action is in the electric scooter segment, electric motorcycles are also gaining popularity. We saw the Revolt RV400, Oben Rorr, and a few other.

Hop Oxo Electric Bike :

Ketan Mehta-Founder and CEO, Hop Electric said, “Electric is taking the Indian market by storm. This growth is propelled by consumers’ inclinations toward sustainable, convenient and affordable mobility solutions. HOP OXO is the result of years of R&D, road testing and the hard work of hundreds of HOP employees that have put their sweat and blood to launch the most progressive e-bike in the market.

A new underdog EV manufacturer has now entered the market in India (India) with their new EV A startup started in 2010 by IITR in India as Solar PMC, ranked 3rd among the largest EPCs in India in 2015 and in the top 5 globally by 2017.

They started their dream project of building an electric car and they started working on it. On September 5th, 2022, they are launching their dream to work for the world: the HOP OXO electric bike. Which has no clutch, no gear.

Due to its advanced technology, its EV is 15% more efficient than any other EV two-wheeler in this segment available in India. This EV has already been tested in 12 states, up to a distance of 75000 km before the launch, confirming that the figures provided by the company are very accurate at their launch.

HOP OXO Electric Bike Specication :

VARIANTOXO and OXO x with turbo and HOP neuron tech
RANGE150 km
MOTOR 6.2 kW

HOP OXO Electric Bike Performance :

The new HOP electric motorcycle gets a rear-wheel mounted hub motor that produces 6.2 kW of peak power and 200 Nm of wheel torque. It also has riding modes like Eco, Power, and Sport. Only the OXO X gets a Turbo mode with a top speed of 90 km/h. The HOP OXO X can accelerate from 0 to 40 km/h in 4 seconds.

It has an in-wheel motor that delivers instant high torque, making this EV 92% more efficient and has no chains or vibrations. It can be tilted up to 24 degrees, which is too much by Indian government standards, it only needs 5 to 6 degrees. This EV motor is 99.99% covered so it is water and dust-proof.

HOP OXO Electric Bike Range :

It has a range of 150 km on a single charge, even in high or wet, or muddy areas like mountains, as it has an in-wheel engine that gives it instant torque, making it more efficient than any other bike. market and will cost only 0.25 paisa per km, which is the most attractive feature for teenagers and those who need a very fuel-efficient bike to ride.

HOP OXO Electric Bike Battery :

It has a battery capacity of 3.75 kWh and takes 3 hours to charge Their battery technology is so advanced that it is India’s first fire, water, and shockproof battery. It has 811 NMC lithium-ion cells with a smart battery management system for enhanced safety and its AI monitors 36 battery parameters every second.

And it’s especially an automotive battery that’s been tested with 3G force from all sides, shockproofed, put under the 70s in the fire according to AI standard, demonstrated its fire resistance, and placed in a water tank for 30 minutes according to AI. Standard, it exhibits no water use, or in many ways can be said to be waterproof.

HOP OXO Electric Bike Design :

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It has an ergonomic design with a strong chassis and triangle-based structure designed to make it comfortable for the rider for long periods of time.
It doesn’t even get LED headlights which is pretty absurd in an EV, as LEDs only add a little range. But it gets LED turn indicators, a 5″ digital display with essential information and connectivity with the OXO mobile app, a comfortable and ergonomic seating position associated with naked bikes.

From the point of view of an Indian heavy loader, this EVT can withstand a load of around 350 kg without losing performance.

Hop OXO Electric Bike Colour Option :

  • Black,
  • blue-black,
  • red-black,
  • Yellow-Black

Technology Features :

The Hop Oxo electric motorcycle comes equipped with 4G connectivity, multi-mode regenerative braking, and an app with features like anti-theft system, speed control, geo fencing and ride status.It has proprietary FOC technology that is wholly based on algorithms and directly links to a server that provides you with live data about your vehicle and keeps you updated.

HOP OXO Electric Bike Highlights :

HOP NURON is the company’s self-developed technology that connects their vehicle to the server through the VCU, which is connected to the motor, battery and controller. The data collected by the company helps to improve their product and with this connection, they will provide the rider with all the updates on the HOP OXO app, which helps to make the ride easier. And all such details are displayed on their smart LED display system.

Hop OXO Electric Bike Price :

Hop Electric launched its two electric motorcycles on September 5th. The Hop OXO Cost Rs 1,24,999 and the OXO-X CostRs 1,39,999 (ex-showroom) in India. Customers can purchase the Oxo electric motorcycle at their nearest Hop Electric dealership or through the official website. HOP OXO BOOKING AMOUNT Rs.999/- and Deliveries will start from 1st October in 150+ retail stores in 14 states and can be online also.

Warranty and Maintenance Coverage :

Hop Oxo Electric offers a comprehensive warranty package to protect the OXO and OXO x . components but lacks the lengthy bumper-to-bumper coverage and complimentary scheduled maintenance packages of the Jaguar I-Pace.

  • OXO : 3yrs or 50000 km.
  • OXO X : 4 yrs or unlimited KMS.

What is the range hop oxo electric bike ?

The Hop Oxo electric bike range 150 km on a single charge.

What is the top speed hop oxo electric bike ?

The OXO X gets a Turbo mode with a top speed of 90 km/h. The HOP OXO X can accelerate from 0 to 40 km/h in 4 seconds.

What is the price hop oxo electric bike

. The Hop OXO Cost Rs 1,24,999 and the OXO-X CostRs 1,39,999 (ex-showroom) in India.

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