GMC Hummer EV 2023– GMC Hummer EV Price, Specs, Range

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The future of electronic cars is exciting because more and more models are gaining their electrical conversion. One of the most exciting electric options on the market is the GMC Hummer EV.gmc hummer ev price

Combining the eco-friendly functionality of the electric vehicle with the power and capability you would expect from a Hummer, GMC offers the best of both worlds to Hummer EV drivers. If you are thinking of purchasing a Hummer from Youngstown, Ohio, this guide has everything you need to know about its capabilities and features.

Some cars, such as the Military AM General HMMWV, were immediately recognized, which of course created the Hummer division of General Motors, a lineup of SUVs and trucks sold in the 1990s and 2000s. Due to the tackled global economy and growing environmental concerns, the brand died in 2010, but the name will return to the 2022 GMC Hummer EV, released today.

Rumors began circulating last year that Wanted Hummer would return to GM’s lineup as an all-electric premium off-roader. Then, in January, we got our first look at an electric Hummer teaser, when it comes back it will be branded as a GMC – a move that probably saves GM some cash without shutting down the other vehicle segment.

GMC Hummer EV :

GMC Hummer EV

The HUMMER EV is GMC’s first full-electric car, powered by the company’s latest Ultium battery system. As a result, future production vehicles outside the factory will offer zero emissions. Powered by imitative EV power with revolutionary on-road performance features and supported by impressive numbers, we have GMC Hummer EV. An open-air, all-electric supertruck with zero emissions and zero limits is a self-proclaimed stunning Hummer. Match the off-road chop of HUMMER EV’s on-road performance.

How much is the hummer ev :

The first-generation Hummer was based on a military-spec Humvee with four-door cabins and a pickup-style load bay. When GMC unveiled the new Hummer EV in late 2020, it was only shown in pickup incarnations. Now, it has been unveiled in a more “practical” SUV version. It bears a resemblance to the shape of the next generation of the original Hummer, smaller than the pickup version, and with a smoother edge in its boxy proportions.

Its new illuminated grille design also seems to be inspired by its predecessor, the headlights have Hummer characters that have special animations when turning on, off and charging.

GMC Hummer EV Specifications :

Model nameGMC Hummer EV
Range350 miles (560 km)
Powertrain625hp – 830hp
MotorsDual or Triple
BatteryLithium – ion
Battery capacity200 kWh
Top Speed180 km/h
0–60 mph3 seconds
Prices $79,995

GMC Hummer EV Design :

2024 GMC Hummer EV SUV

The Hummer EV leaves no question about its tradition, although the pickup style is more smooth and modern than its H1, H2, and H3 ancestors. Unusual H-shaped headlight components replace the round units found in those off-roaders, a full-width LED light bar proudly carries the Hummer soundtrack, each character separated by seven vertical “grille” slats paying homage to the internal-combustion core. .

As we saw in previous teasers, the electric Hummer gets a very straight windshield that recalls the vertical glass of previous models while still retaining some aerodynamic efficiency. A high beltline and narrow side glass echo the gun-slit greenhouse of the old H2, but the angled C-pillar is unlike anything else from Hummer’s collection and gives some sense of forward-leaning motion. The wide box flares in the front and rear fenders provide plenty of clearance for standard 35-inch Goodyear Wrangler Territory mud-terrain tires – and the electric hammer has room for the giant 37, if you’re so inclined.

At the back is a small cargo box, accessed via a multipro tailgate found in the GMC Sierra. A power-powered tonic cover protects cargo and improves aerodynamics as needed. Unlike the Hummer H2 SUT, the GMC Hummer EV has a fixed rear bulkhead, so the longer cargo has to sit at the tailgate (after being properly secured).

A Biffy Skid Plate is the first indication that the GMC Hummer EV’s critical off-road ailments – strategically located steel plates protect important drivetrain components such as floor-mounted battery packs. That ultium battery structure provides sufficient platform rigidity to allow for an open-air “infinity roof”, with three transparent panels that can be moved and stored in a large “frank” or front trunk. A large panel extends to the width of the front row, with two half-panels to the left and right of the rear seat.

Lotus Electric Ca

GMC Hummer EV Interior :

2020 hummer ev reveal interior2 my23 bt1 hummer sut full drv 0011

The aerial cockpit receives a highly tech-forward approach that is compatible with the premium positioning of the truck. The Hummer has a huge 13.4-inch infotainment screen and a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster. The system also has a wealth of functionality. Off-roader – and mall crawlers – will appreciate the ultraviolet front and rear underbody cameras that show a live view of what’s under the truck, making wheeling (or parking) easier and more convenient. Other cameras provide a maximum of 18 different views.

Optional, abnormally activates an immersive driving experience called Watts to Freedom mode which reveals the full potential of the EV powertrain for maximum acceleration. GM claims that in this mode 0 to 60 miles per hour can happen in just three seconds.

In Temar Driving, off-road widgets in infotainment displays and instrument clusters inform the driver about vehicle torque output, locking differential status, tire pressure, pitch and roll angle, torque split and more. All of us would love to have a “drift gauge” that keeps the Hummer running tally at the highest drift angle.

GMC Hummer EV Features:

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Like its exterior, the interior of the Hummer EV has a lot of boxy design elements. It has a 12.3-inch digital driver’s display and a floating 13.4-inch touchscreen infotainment display on the centre console.

The air vents on either corner of the dashboard are large, vertically-aligned rectangles with central vents under the screen. Its thick central console tunnel has plenty of cubby spaces, a large drive-select lever and a rotary dial for the various driving and off-roading modes.

The new Hummer EV also has a range of outstanding technology and capabilities that make it a kind of experience. The standout features you can expect when buying a GMC Hummer EV from Sweeney Cars include:

Crabwalk :

If you’ve ever seen yourself trying to move a vehicle in a tight spot and want to have an easy way out there, Crabwalk is the feature for you. The rear wheels of the 2021 GMC Hummer EV have the ability to rotate up to 45 degrees. This means you can drag your hammer into a space at an angle, allowing you to slide into a place that would otherwise be accessible.

Extraction mode:

A 2021 GMC Hummer EV is designed to deal with both open roads and the toughest terrain. One of the ways in which Hummer EVs can stand out from the competition is, quite literally, its Extract Mode. When you enable Extract Mode, your Hummer employs its suspension to raise your Hummer’s body an extra six inches, giving you the clearance you need when walking becomes difficult.

High Def Screen:

In modern vehicles, the touch screen is one of the most important part of the user experience. Your touch screen lets you easily navigate through your car’s system and provide clear information. The 2021 GMC Hummer EV has a high definition screen to provide you with the clearest images and characters possible, making your Hummer touch screen easier to use than ever before.


More visibility on the road can help you be a safer driver behind the wheel, and there’s nothing better behind the wheel than a 2021 GMC Hummer EV with ultraviolet. It gives you 360-degree vision around your hammer for strategically placed cameras. This allows you to see everything around you to make more conscious decisions while operating your Hummer EV.

GMC Hummer EV Range :

2022 GMC Hummer EV Pickup 2021 SEMA Accessories 008 off road 50 inch light bar and front off road auxiliary lights accessory

Comes with a Hummer type engine – dual or triple permanent magnet motor and 625hp – 830hp power. This super car model has a 200 kWh ultium-powered and lithium-ion battery. This electric vehicle Hummer comes with an electric range of 350 miles (560 km). Like everything from the GMC – HUMMER EV, the cabin is designed for a unique combination of innovation and convenience. So no matter how exciting the inside of Hummer Ivy is, you will enjoy every moment.

GMC Hummer EV Battrey :

We assume that 200 kWh with approximately 215 kWh would be a fair number of usable One of the most interesting features of GM’s battery system is the wireless communication between the modules.

800 V battery system ready to charge up to 350 kW (from DC fast charger). In about 10 minutes, about 100 miles (160 km) out of a total range of 350 miles, the top of the line version can be replenished.

100 miles is 28.5% of the total range, where 350 kilowatts would translate to about 58 kilowatt hours in 10 minutes. The 100% range would then be 204 kWh (probably less, because we doubt the ability to hold at 350 kW for a full 10 minutes). However, thus we conclude with a conclusion that the pack is about 200 kWh usable.

GMC Hummer EV Top speed :

When considering an electric car, one of the most important considerations for many potential owners is that you can travel on a full charge. While SUV configurations offer a slightly improved range with distances up to 300 miles on a single charge, the variety of pickups still offers an impressive 250 miles per charge.
In addition, the 2021 GMC Hummer EV comes with a fast charging capability that allows you to cover distances up to 100 miles in just 10 minutes of high speed charging to help you get the boost you need to finish a drive. Speed SUV, electric · HP 200kWh · Speed Electric · Speed 5-7 Seater · MPG Electric · Speed Top speed 180kmph

GMC hummer ev price :

General Motors Corporation is starting production by launching the Hummer EV pickup truck as the 2022 model year and will begin production in the spring of 2021. A total of 3 different vehicles are planned to be offered under the Hummer EV pickup range, starting at $ 79,995 which comes with a two-motor drive system.

GMC Hummer EV Variants :

The next variant of the line is the Hummer EV 2x where prices start at $ 89,995, with standard adaptive air ride suspension with extract mode and 4 wheel steering with carbwalk.

The Hummer EV 3x will be priced at $ 99,995, it has torque vectoring, freedom from watts, three-motor drive system. For launch, the Hummer EV First Edition is a limited edition electric car to celebrate the rebirth of this legendary car. Prices start at $ 112,595 and offer a three-motor e4WD propulsion system with best-in-class power at 1000Ps and 15500Nm of maximum torque. GM estimates, when fully charged it can run up to 350miles / 560miles. 0-100kmph speed can be done in 3.5 seconds.

Another body type is the fully fledged Hummer EV SUV, which will arrive in 2024 as model year and is scheduled to begin production in early 2023. A total of 5 variants starting from Hummer EV SUV will be unveiled in time. Version 1 and Hummer EV SUV version 1 with Extreme off-road package. Both models are powered by a three-motor drive system with 800V DCFC charging architecture. Maximum power is rated 830PS and maximum torque 15592Nm.

Approximate driving range is 300 miles / 480 km and 280 miles / 450 km. Prices for the version 1 variant start at $ 105,595 and সংস্ক 110,595 for the version 1 with the Extreme off-road package. Prices for the Hummer EV 2x SUV and Hummer EV 3x SUV Spring 2023 start at $ 89,995 for the EV 2x and $ 99,995 for the EV 3x. The Hummer EV 3x SUV comes with a 3-motor driving system that produces 830PS maximum power and achieves 15592NM maximum torque in 3.5 seconds with 0-100kmph run where the Extreme off-road package can be equipped as an optional extra.

The Hummer EV 2x SUV comes with a two-motor driving system that produces 625PS of maximum power and 10033NM of maximum torque, and the Extreme off-road package is available at an optional extra price. The low-cost Hummer EV 2 SUV, planned for Spring 2024, is the most affordable variant in the entire electric SUV range. Prices start at 79,995. It comes with a 2-motor driving system based on 16-module architecture that produces 625PS of maximum power and 10033NM of maximum torque and comes with an estimated driving range of 250 miles / 300km. As an optional addition, it can be equipped with 800V DCFC with 20 module architecture which gives an extended driving range up to 300miles / 480kms.


Hummer ev price in india ?

(1.50 Cr – 1.70 Cr ) in India

GMC Hummer EV Top speed ?

GMC Hummer EV Top speed 180 km/h

GMC Hummer EV Range ?

GMC Hummer EV Range 350 miles (560 km)

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