India’s biggest New Electric Vehicle charging point In Gurugram- Charge for 100Ev

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India’s biggest EV charging station has 72 AC sluggish chargers and 24 DC rapid chargers. It has been installation and can be operated via way of means of Alektrify, an legitimate commissioning and set up associate of the NHEV pilot project.

Electric Vehicle charging point In Gurugram

In India’s journey towards adopting electric mobility, there are two major obstacles – the high cost of EV acquisition and inadequate charging infrastructure. The government is working with private players on both fronts to move internal combustion engine charging point (ICE) vehicles to EVs.

Gurugram charging point
Electric Vehicle charging point In Gurugram- Charge for 100Ev

Various subsidies like FAME II and different rules are contributing closer to making EVs inexpensive in India and automakers are making an investment withinside the localization of electrical cars. And as for the charging infrastructure, the authorities is partnering with numerous gamers to increase the general public charging community in India in order that EV shoppers are capin a position to triumph over variety tension issues charging point.

In the road with increasing the charging community, India’s biggest electric powered automobile charging station has been commissioned below the Ease of Doing Business programme of NHEV’s (National Highways for Electric Vehicles Ease) pilot task of India’s first 500 km E-Highway among Jaipur -Delhi-Agra. Set up at Alektrify hub in Sector 52, Gurugram, the EV charging station incorporates ninety six charging factors for four wheelers charging point.

“This EV charging station will now no longer best raise the electrical automobile enterprise withinside the area however additionally function a benchmark for massive EV charging stations throughout the usa withinside the future,” it said charging point.

During the inaugural ceremony, a guided excursion of the power changed into given to the representatives of the authorities companies and data changed into supplied approximately the numerous authorities requirements complied with and the nice practices of the enterprise observed withinside the established order and operation of the station charging point.

During the event, Abhijit Sinha, National Program Director, Ease of Doing Business Program and Project Director, National Highway for Electric Vehicles, stated in a further capacity, And gasoline stations at the circumstance of ease to stability sales with current petrol pumps. “

Service :

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At this station, an AC charger takes up to 6 hours to fee an EV. It can fee 4 electric powered vehicles in step with day and seventy two such chargers can fee 288 EVs in step with day. Fast DC chargers, on the alternative hand, can juice a vehicle in much less than hours in step with day and at 12 EVs. For in a single day use, there are 24 DC 5KW chargers for charging 288 EVs.

This charging station is the largest in India with 100 charging points for 4 wheels. Previously, the largest EV charging station in India was located at Navi Mumbai with 16 AC and 4 DC charging ports for EVs. This EV charging station will not only boost the electric vehicle industry in the region, but will serve as a benchmark for large EV charging stations across the country in the future.

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During the program, representatives of government agencies were given a guided tour of the facility and information was provided about the various industry standards compliance and the best practices of the industry followed in the establishment and operation of the station.

Electric car charging stations of this size and size are rare. Gaining real Ease of Doing Business experience in smooth Certification Compliance andSafety will be helpful for the industry. The future of electric vehicles, and this station is our prototype preparation for that future,

The station has 96 operational charging ports for electric vehicles at a time and can serve 576 electric vehicles all day, including 72 AC slow chargers and 24 DC fast chargers.
A single AC charger takes about 6 hours to fully charge an EV and can charge up to 4 more EVs in a day. Combined, the 72 AC charger can revive 288 EVs per day.

The company further claims that the DC Fast Charger can charge a car in less than 2 hours and can charge 12 EVs per day from this station. In addition, these 24 DC 5KW chargers can charge 288 EVs during day and night use.

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