Chevrolet Tahoe Electric recently unveiled in 2023

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Chevrolet recently unveiled the all-electric Silverrado EV as the first step in an EV delivery effort that could compete with the best in the world. More importantly, it needs to shine here at home, and a truck is a good start.

The next most important part to deal with is arguably the SUV, where several EV producers have already stated their intentions for future products. And while General Motors is working with GMC Hummer on an electric SUV, more achievable family-centric cars will be critical to the alliance’s success. Thus, an electric Chevrolet is inevitable, but how can it be?

Since the regular versions are closely related, it is safe to assume that the electric Tahoe (if you will) will use the same Ultium-powered powertrain as the Silverrado EV. Chevy will have to invest the most, so this powertrain will become more common as the electrification push accelerates.

In the pickup, the base variant delivers 510 horsepower and 615-lb-ft of torque while the top trim gives you 664 hp and 780 lb-ft of torque. Tahoe will probably mirror these figures. Then again, when it comes to electric tahos, software updates and other developments may mean that GM seems to be able to increase power. It is estimated that the SUV will be able to mimic the current electric Chevy pickup, with up to 10,000 pounds of towing capacity accessible.

For styling, we didn’t just want to graft the unique face of the existing Tahoe Silverado Ivy. Instead, we look to GM’s own designs for inspiration, using one of the Silverrado EV concept designs that ended up on the floor of the cutting room.

Now we must first acknowledge that this is not a particularly beautiful face, but it is not a beauty contest; The Mustang Mach-E is far from beautiful but has captured the imagination of many and is proving to be a huge selling success. Of course, if Chevy wants to copy Ford to the T – Heritage Butchering and all – the new electric SUV will be called the Chevrolet Camaro IROC.

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