Cadillac Lyric EV – Cadillac launched its first Altium-based EV

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Cadillac just launched its first Altium-based EV, the Cadillac Lyric crossover. The brand is following it up with the Celestiq – a rich, hand-built rakishly-roofed four-seater sedan that will start around $300,000 and rival the likes of Rolls-Royce and Bentley. Now, Cadillac has offered us a preview of what it will look like — with the new Celestiq show car.

Cadillac Lyric EV :

Cadillac Lyric EV - Cadillac  launched its first Altium-based EV

According to Cadillac, the Celestial will represent the “purest expression” of the brand, essentially Cadillac of electric vehicle options. Its design harkens back to Cadillac’s glory days, taking design inspiration from the famous 1957 Eldorado Brougham and the mid-century architecture of Eero Saarinen.Cadillac Lyric

Design :

Celestiq will equip the new Escalade with a 55-inch advanced LED display, one of five on the car. The LED display will have a passenger display with electronic blinds so the driver can’t see it. This should theoretically allow passengers to legally watch a film while in the car.Cadillac Lyric

Cadillac Lyric

Cadillac will fit the Celestial with a smart glass roof, providing four zones of variable lighting — one for each occupant. Cadillac also confirmed that the production Celestiq will get GM’s hands-free driving technology, the next generation of the Ultra Cruise.

GM’s premium spear tip toward electric vehicles is the latest in a series of Cadillac rebranding efforts. Going back to the brand’s glorious roots should be a design-wise smart play that will technically be a huge transition to battery-electric power.

Celestiq’s boldness is refreshing. It’s easy to see Cadillac falling into the same trap as their current vehicles: reacting to the market, hitting a certain price point, and ending up with what feels like an uprated Chevy or GMC product rather than a Cadillac.

Cadillac says it will release more details about the Celestial closer to production. The Celestiq could potentially be the third Cadillac EV to hit the market after a production Escalade EV.

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