Best Tesla electric car accessories in (2023)

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The super luxury Tesla cars are fully equipped but require some extra accessories to enhance the overall comfort while driving an EV Tesla electric car accessories .

Buying a few accessories can really enhance the usefulness of the clean and minimal interior items found in the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y. Tesla sells some accessories for its cars, such as floor mats and a trunk organizer, but enthusiastic and third-party companies are essentially creating new gear for Tesla electric car accessories .

With the evolution of electric cars and newer upcoming models, there are many Tesla electric car accessories and Tesla aftermarket accessories on the market to enrich your driving experience and take this kind of high-performance car to the next level Tesla electric car accessories .

Best Tesla electric car accessories :

Tesla touchscreen protector Buy now
Tesla center console wrap kitBuy now
Tesla wireless phone chargerBuy now
Tesla sentry mode accessoriesBuy now
Tesla USB/SSD storage drivesBuy now
USB Hub for Tesla electric carBuy now
Tesla cup holder inserts and linersBuy now
Tesla center console organizer trayBuy now
Tesla heatshields or sunshadesBuy now
Tesla floor matsBuy now
Compact tesla air compressor pumpBuy now
Tesla waterless car wash and cleaning kitBuy now

Tesla touchscreen protector :

Tesla electric car accessories

The touchscreen is the most important and interactive part of your Tesla electric car, it is very sensitive to scratches and fingerprints. The glamorous Tesla touchscreen glare model s and model 3 can be problematic for owners while driving.

A Tesla car touchscreen protector is an essential screen to be purchased to protect it from permanent scratches and fingerprints. We tested some of Spigen’s tempered touchscreen protectors for Tesla, which gave quite good results.

There are two types of touchscreen protectors for Tesla electric vehicles: glossy and matte. The matte is relatively good because it removes fingerprints and has anti-glare function.

A matte Tesla screen protects the incident light and thus significantly reduces the reflection. We tried and tested both types of screen protectors to find the best Tesla Model 3 and Model y Tesla electric car accessories.

Tesla center console wrap kit :

Tesla electric car accessories

So far you have noticed the fingerprints on the glossy black interior of your favorite Tesla electric car. Glossy plastic material can be a big turn-off for aesthetic ones. Meanwhile, a matte center console wrap can equalize the interior of your electric car.

Fingerprints can be a bit annoying to remove every time you put your hand on your console. There are plenty of Tesla Center console wraps available these days that give your car a minimal fat-free look. In addition to the aesthetic aspect, it prevents the interior of your car from permanent scratches Tesla electric car accessories.

We tried a few of them that instantly enriched the interior of the car. We highly recommend this one from amazon. They come in different colors to fit your needs Tesla electric car accessories .

Tesla wireless phone charger :

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Using the inbuilt wired Tesla phone charger can be annoying to remove your phone case every time you charge your phone. Although the company has updated it to newer models with a wireless Tesla phone charger, it is still a busy job for previous variants Tesla electric car accessories .

Fortunately, there are many manufacturers who make electric vehicle accessories to convert a wired charging connection into a wireless charging pad. These charging pads fit perfectly in your Tesla charging dock area and can charge multiple devices at once.Tesla electric car accessories

The anti-slip design ensures that the phone stays in place while driving. Wireless chargers allow you to charge your phone without having to deal with cable clutter while driving.

We’ve tested some of the most reviewed Tesla wireless chargers on the web and selected a few.

Tesla sentry mode accessories :

Best Tesla electric car accessories

To fully utilize the Sentry Mode features for Tesla electric vehicles, some additional electric vehicle accessories, such as a USB storage drive and a USB hub, may be required for smooth integration of flash drives and phone chargers Tesla electric car accessories .

Tesla USB/SSD storage drives :

Best Tesla electric car accessories

Due to the limited storage capacity of the car, it is recommended to get a USB flash drive to make full use of Sentry mode for a long time and keep your electric car safe. This often eliminates the hassle of cleaning up storage space for Tesla electric car accessories.

This Tesla SSD / USB storage flash drive fits perfectly into the USB hubs we discussed below, giving your Tesla electric car a clean and minimalist look.

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USB Hub for Tesla electric car :

Best Tesla electric car accessories

If you plan to add several USB devices to your Tesla, such as a USB flash drive or a wireless phone charger, a USB hub can be a very important tool for your Tesla electric car accessories.

With multiple ports on the USB hub, one can connect many accessories at the same time, such as flash drives and wireless chargers. Tesla should consider adding multiple USB ports to future vehicles, as long as these USB hubs facilitate the process of connecting various accessories to the vehicle.

Tesla cup holder inserts and liners :

Best Tesla electric car accessories

With a rubberized cube holder for Tesla electric vehicles, the fear of spilling drinks on a steep ride can be alleviated. Defaults seem extra-large; A rubber cup holder insert will give a proper grip to the mug and cup while driving.

Anything spilled on the cup holder or center console will drastically reduce the effort to clean it. These extra Tesla cup holder inserts protect your car from odors and dirtTesla electric car accessories.

These Tesla cupholder inserts come in a variety of colors and match the aesthetics of your Tesla car.

Tesla center console organizer tray :

Best Tesla electric car accessories

Tesla electric cars sometimes miss the most basic features like a Tesla Model Center console organizer so that small items can be easily organized and neatly organized in one place. Without which the center console becomes untidy and destroys the interior of the car.

It turns a boxy deep space into a usable space where you can keep your daily use items visible and organized. And the space below can still easily store the things you need Tesla electric car accessories.

These organizers fit perfectly on the center console and make things more convenient and easy when driving. The center console organizer prevents items from sliding while driving.

Tesla heatshields or sunshades :

Best Tesla electric car accessories

The huge glass roofs of some Tesla electric cars can be problematic, especially if you live in warm weather. The vehicle overheats, which takes extra time to cool down with the AC, thus affecting the battery and range.

Heatshield / Sunshades are important accessories for your Tesla electric vehicle to protect its interior and gadgets from direct sunlight, thus increasing its lifespan.

We have tried and tested several heat shields and sunshade for electric vehicles, some of which have performed quite well with multi-level.

Tesla floor mats :

Best Tesla electric car accessories

Tesla electric car floor mats are important accessories to keep your electric car clean and tidy during harsh weather from dirt and mud and food spots.

These floor mats soak up moisture which would otherwise create an intense odor and discomfort for driving in the rainy season. This saves a lot of cleaning time just to separate and clean the mat instead of cleaning the carpet completely. Some floor mats tested for electric vehicles are extremely durable and prevent vibration from the car floor.

Compact tesla air compressor pump :

Best Tesla electric car accessories

You must buy these fast, efficient and cool portable inflators to maintain optimal air pressure for your Tesla extended range. These portable air compressor pumps are designed to draw power from your 12V power outlet for on-road emergency repairs.

Some of which we have tested can automatically inflate the tire to the desired pressure and turn it off automatically, without visiting the nearest gas station.

It works better than console 12V, fast and durable. It is quite small and can be carried in the trunk while traveling.

Tesla waterless car wash and cleaning kit :

Best Tesla electric car accessories

Waterless car wash works great in cold weather when washing with water on a cold morning becomes really difficult. This Tesla car wash and cleaners clean without stains which would otherwise be very frustrating to remove.
Like any other car, you need to keep your new Tesla clean to maintain its resale value. We mostly recommend these Tesla car cleaners to members of our Tesla car community.

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