Best Electric car accessories kit in (2023)

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Electric vehicles are an integral part of the transition from the use of fossil fuels to sustainable clean mobility. Interest in electric vehicles and Tesla Electric car accessories kit has grown exponentially since the lockdown as people began to realize the need for a cleaner environment and sustainable mobility.

Since you have just got an electric car, you are contributing greatly to a green environment in many ways because EVs reduce greenhouse gas emissions, make less noise and reduce the global share of environmental pollution.

With the evolution of electric vehicles, the market for electric car accessories has developed very fast as well as with the aim of making EV drives more comfortable for the consumers.

electric car accessories kit for sale :

If you own an electric vehicle or planning to get one, you should definitely check out these must-have accessories for your electric vehicle.Make sure to check out these electric car accessories to increase the overall driving experience of your latest high-end electric carElectric car accessories kit.

To comfort your electric vehicle driving experience many branded third party accessories are available today in the market, some of which are:

Home charger for your EVBuy now
Electric car blanketBuy now
Extra electric car cablesBuy now
Charging station holderBuy now
Road signs & EV station brandingBuy now
Electric car jackBuy now
Electric car floor matBuy now
Cleaning kit :Buy now

Home charger for your EV :

Electric car accessories kit

With a dedicated home electric car charger nothing can lose the pleasure of charging your EV while you sleep. An electric car charger for a home is an essential accessory for proud EV owners.

Charging an EV overnight results in a hassle-free morning without any worries about finding a spot for an empty charging station. Home charging is convenient and inexpensive, with most electric vehicle owners (battery electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles) charging more than 70% of their homes before starting their day.
The cost of charging your electric vehicle at home is low due to stable and low household electricity rates.

There are two main types of home chargers for electric vehicles: Level 1 and Level 2 home chargers. The Level 1 is a slower charger than the Level 2 which is a faster alternative. Level 1 chargers can be plugged into the household power socket, whereas level 2 chargers require dedicated installation Electric car accessories kit .

Electric car blanket :

Electric car accessories kit

A heated car blanket keeps you warm in harsh cold weather. A very important accessory should be included in the list of accessories of their electric vehicle to protect themselves from getting cold while traveling. These electric car blankets are quite powerful compared to car heaters and can easily be plugged into a Tesla 12V power outlet.

This will keep you warm if your car breaks down on a cold winter morning and you have to wait for on-road assistance for your electric car. This electric car blanket heats up much faster than winter car heaters. Many brands on the market have automatic shut-off after 30 minutes and indicators to prevent any accidents Electric car accessories kit.

Extra electric car cables :

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There may be times when the dedicated car charger that comes with your car stops working or goes bad. At such times an extra charging cable may be the biggest savior. These extra charging station wires come with a long-stretched rubber tube that prevents electric vehicle charging wires from buckling.

These cables are made of heat-resistant materials that prevent waste during overheating and prolonged use, usually experienced with public charging station cables.

We’ve found some wires to be really useless as extensions of a given cable length. Check out here Electric car accessories kit

Charging station holder :

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If you have recently purchased an electric car charger, this is a much needed accessory for your electric car. Suitable for electric vehicle charging stations, both home and business charging stations, this car charging station holder contains EV home charger in-wall, foot, and concrete installation.

These are made of stainless steel and most of them are rust-proof, so you can install a worry-free one in your open parking area. The installation process is quite simple and it fits with most home chargers available in the market. Charging station holders come in different lengths and models, so you can buy one according to your needs.

Some of our tested electric vehicle charger holders are stainless low and rust resistant Electric car accessories kit.

Road signs & EV station branding :

If you own an electric car charging station, it will take your business to the next level. Customize and charge the charging station with a brand new identity solution. Suitable for business and charging station fleet with their own logo and branded charge card with RFID inbuilt to start / stop chargingElectric car accessories kit .

Electric car jack :

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This automotive tool will be most effective in situations where your car breaks down or you have a flat tire somewhere in the middle.

These electric car jacks reduce sprains and manual work in the event of an emergency tire replacement situation. Electric car jacks are powered by your car’s 12V power outlet and will be your most useful tool if you ever get stuck on flat tires waiting for help.

These electric car jacks lift your car in two to three minutes, drastically reducing manual work and repair time. These electric hydraulic jacks are mostly hydraulic driven and can lift your EVs very easily. Being compact and portable, one can easily carry an electric car jack on the back of the car for emergency use Electric car accessories kit.

We tested the automatic jack to lift the car at the push of a button.

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Electric car floor mat :

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All-weather mats are the most useful item you need to buy for your electric car, unlike cars that come with cars that are too heavy or unable to absorb moisture and clutter.

By providing a barrier between your car floor and the mess, these electric car floor mats protect your car from bad odors if food falls and falls. Car floor mats protect your car floor from mud and dirt, especially in the rainy season, as the mats are easily detachable and washable Electric car accessories kit .

The newest anti-skidding mats on the market ensure that the mats are attached while driving. This is a great shopping experience especially if you have pets or you live in a place where the weather changes frequently Electric car accessories kit.

Cleaning kit :

Waterless car wash works great in cold weather when washing with water on a cold morning becomes really difficult. This car wash and cleaners clean without stains which would otherwise be very frustrating to remove. We mostly recommend these car cleaners to members of our car community Electric car accessories kit .

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