2024 Chevrolet Camaro – Review Price and Space

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An all-electric performance model, reported to be a sedan and effectively a two-door 2024 Chevrolet Camaro replacement. It may retain the Camaro name, as Chevrolet recently used the Blazer moniker on a crossover that bears no resemblance to the historic model.

2024 Chevrolet Camaro :

Parent company GM is converting all of its brands to electric vehicles over the next 13 years, including performance models The Corvette, will already adopt hybrid and pure electric powertrains within the next few years, but the Camaro’s future is unclear after today’s generation ends production in 2024 or later. To present its plans for an all-EV future, GM provided an image of its Ultium EV platform with an outline of a sports car above.

The image bears a striking resemblance to the profile view of the current Camaro, though the 2024 Chevrolet Camaro would not comment on the resemblance. Reports indicate that the car will be a sedan, though it retains the name despite all past Camaros being coupes. While Chevrolet could theoretically put any body type on the Ultium Skateboard platform, Camaro sales have declined sharply in recent years, and coupes in general have declined in popularity over the past decade.


All of GM’s EVs in the near future will be built on the company’s Ultium platform, which can be tailored to fit any vehicle shape or style. It also supports one to three electric motors, so this EV sedan can range from a classic rear-drive performance car to a 1,000-hp all-wheel-drive supersled. Chevrolet has given no indication of which route it will take or whether it will offer multiple battery and motor configurations, as GMC now does with the new Hummer EV pickup and SUV.2024 Chevrolet Camaro

What about the real-life Camaro :

In the real world, though, anything is possible for the Camaro. The worst case scenario involves a retirement, which could be temporary (remember the 2003-2008 gap between Gen 4 and Gen V?).2024 Chevrolet Camaro

As for the aforementioned EV conversion of the nameplate, models like the recently unveiled 2024 Blazer EV electric crossover show that GM doesn’t always honor a model’s legacy (the K5 Blazer was a full-size SUV) the way it did. GMC Hummer EV. So a four- or five-door battery-electric model bearing the Camaro name can’t be ruled out.2024 Chevrolet Camaro

However, we’d rather see Chevy go head-to-head with Dodge, as the latter will unveil an all-electric muscle car concept, a coupe, this year, with a production model slated for 2024. Speaking of which, there are rumors of an internal combustion continuation for Dodge, though Stellantis’ fresh twin-turbo 3.0L Tornado is said to replace the current raft of straight-six V8s, at least for most models.

There are also optimistic scenarios. This would involve GM following a similar path as Ford. So, while the Blue Oval has used the Mustang name for the Mach E crossover, the automaker is offering an internal combustion future—albeit a hybridized one—for the pony, with the seventh iteration of the ‘Stang (here are some leaked images of the next-gen Mustang) is expected to debut next year as a 2024 model.

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