2023 Canoo EV Pickup Truck – Review Range and Price

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The release date of the 2023 canoo EV pickup truck will be in the spring of 2023 Customers can now place an advance order for the electric truck The canoo pickup truck will be available for purchase in the United States as well as selected international markets. Like the Atlas with the XT electric truck, Canoo will also offer a subscription-based model as an alternative to traditional car ownership and leasing.

Many EV pickup trucks are on the horizon. While electric trucks like the F-150 Lightning and Rivian R1T generate a lot of publicity, there are some lesser known models, including the 2023 Canoo pickup truck. Find out its release date, price and specs.

Canoo EV Pickup Truck :

2023 Canoo EV Pickup Truck - Review Range and Price

We now have an official name for the Canoo Pickup Truck and that name is: “Canoo Pickup Truck.” But don’t let the name fool you, there’s nothing in common about this upcoming EV. To get started, we’ll start with the proprietary platform. As the Electric has covered before, the Canoo designed to keep its platform as flat as possible, the aforementioned steering column and shock tower.

Instead, the Canoo platform uses steering and braking by wire, according to Canoo, “comparable to the smallest footprint with America’s best-selling pickup truck for a flatbed size.” This makes it easy for the pickup truck to operate and park on any terrain.

In an official press release from Canoo, Executive Chairman Tony Aquila spoke about the new Canoo EV Pickup Truck :

We are very interested in creating vehicles that can change people’s lives. Our pickup truck is as powerful as the hardest truck out there and is designed to be faster and more productive. This truck works for you. We made things for those who use trucks – on the job, on weekends, on adventures. You name it, we did it because it’s your platform and it’s bad for the bones.

Canoo Pickup Truck specifications :

Model NameCanoo EV Pickup Truck
Range200 miles.
Engine Electric,Lit-Ion-Battery 
Battery 80-kWh 
Power600 hp and 550 ft-lb
Price$35,000 and $50,000

Canoo EV Pickup Truck Desgin :

2023 canoo electric pickup truck will bring innovative features

At first glance, this Canoo offers many unique and clever features that, again, use every inch of the EV. After all, they make drivers’ lives easier in multiple ways – whether camping, looking at blueprints, or making sure your new monsters don’t tip.

The first unique feature is the pullout bed extension. According to the press release, the standard bed length of the pickup truck is six feet long. However, the bed can be extended up to eight feet when the second level of the tailgate door is enclosed. The extension also has a secondary lamp, which is capable of performing all the tail light functions. According to Kanu, 4 × 8 plywood sheets can easily fit inside. No more home improvement stores with twine and orange plastic warning flags! Canoo EV Pickup Truck

Another feature of the truck bed is the Kanur modular divider system. These space dividers help protect items from rolling or tipping around. The bed wall is suitable for securing the bike with modular wheel chokes. Or to link large items with secure ratchet straps and other tie-downs… like the new 70 ″ QLED you want. You can fit it now!

One of the highlights of the 2023 Canoo Pickup Truck is its unique design. It nicely fuses modern design elements with the classic styling of vehicles from the 1960s, such as the Volkswagen Bus and Jeep FC.

The 2023 Canoo EV Pickup Truck also has many utility features. This includes:

  • Pull-out bed, which expands the bed from a length of six feet to eight feet
  • Dual flip-down tables with two expandable depths — for use as workbenches
  • Fold-down craftsman bar at the front of the truck, which enables you to store cargo and plug-in tools
  • Roof rack, which is available in various sizes
  • Safe-step, which provides safe access to the bed and roof rack, along with additional storage
  • Modular bed with space dividers and wall chocks
  • Multi-accessory power-plant with multiple charge ports
  • Integrated overhead and bed perimeter lighting
  • Camper-shell ready, with the ability to accommodate a variety of camper shells
  • Tow hitch receiver

Canoo EV Pickup Truckfeatures :

Canoo pickup truck dashboard

As Canoo EV Pickup Truck moves sideways, drivers can take advantage of a hidden side step to get to bed easily and safely remove that new TV. Additionally, the side step offers opaque storage for small items such as some cold drinks or personal electronics. The EV also has a flip down table on either side that can be stretched to two different depths. Soon you will be able to turn your new truck bed wall into a workbench, complete with a nearby power plug.

Speaking of power outlets, the Canu pickup truck will provide exportable power, which is accessible around the EV. According to the automaker, with less than 10% impact on vehicle range, owners will have power all day for equipment and devices.

An extra brake light on the back of the cab doubles as an overhead light to illuminate the night cargo bed. The Canoo EV Pickup Truck is equipped with perimeter lighting around the bed wall for extra visibility. You will not be afraid of the dark while camping on this thing.

Turning to the front, there is a clever storage area for tools or first aid kits where a combustion engine would normally be. It also has a fold-down worktable and electrical outlets. From what Canu has shared so far, there is no excuse for not working with this pickup truck.

This does not mean that it is only a matter of time. Canu said the pickup truck was designed to accommodate different camper shells. Multiple roof rack options are also available, making it a highly modular and multi-use EV. Also very brand for Canoo.

Range and Battery :

The 2023 Canoo EV Pickup Truck will be available with all-wheel drive (AWD) or rear-wheel drive (RWD) dual and rear electric motor configurations. For output, the Canoo pickup truck can produce up to 600 hp and 550 lb-ft of torque with dual-motor configuration and up to 300 hp and 332 lb-ft of torque with rear wheel configuration.

Compared to other electric pickup trucks, the driving range of theCanoo EV Pickup Truck leaves much to be desired. With its 80-kWh battery pack, it has a driving range of approximately 200 miles.

The canoo has not yet revealed the towing capability of the canoo pickup truck. For payload capacity, it can carry up to 1,800 pounds for the AWD model.

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Canoo Pickup Truck Price :

Canoo didn’t yet release the price information for the 2023 Canoo Pickup Truck. However, MotorTrend estimates the Canoo Pickup Truck will cost between $35,000 and $50,000.


 Canoo Pickup Truck cost?

The Canoo Pickup Truck will cost between $35,000 and $50,000.

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